Take control of your future with Clearing

Whether you’ve only just decided you want to go to uni or you’ve changed your mind, don’t worry. Clearing opens on Monday 5 July and is your chance to apply for a university degree if you haven’t done so already, or have declined all your choices.

We have degrees available through Clearing in Music, Games and Media at Confetti – part of Nottingham Trent University.

We are still accepting applications up to Wednesday 30 June 2021 through UCAS. If you have already made five choices, you can apply through UCAS Extra. Any applications received after this date will automatically go through Clearing.

Pre-Clearing is all about being prepared and making sure you have the information you need should your original plans change. Follow these steps to make sure you are ready:

If you don’t already have an UCAS account register online.

Check out our step-by-step handy guide to familiarise yourself with the process.

Join our mailing list below to find out about Clearing at NTU.

Research universities and their courses to shortlist – take virtual tours, speak to staff or visit in person.

Speak to your parents/carer or teachers to discuss your options.

And remember, during this time you can only apply when you have your results.

Hear from our degree students

“One thing I’d tell myself before applying through Clearing is to not worry as much, and to stay calm. There are other options and Clearing is a really good one.”

Ellie Brown, Music Performance student

“The advice I’d give to someone applying through Clearing would be to call up. You’ll get reassurance from one of the course tutors and they’ll guide you down the right path on where to go and how to apply.”

Rowan Stothard, Film Production student

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Are you eligible for Clearing?

You are eligible for Clearing 2021 if:

  • You have not received any offers from a university
  • You have declined all your offers, or not responded in time to your offer
  • You did not meet the required conditions for your offer
  • You have not applied for a university course yet but would like to start a degree in 2021
  • UCAS received your application after 30 June


If you’ve got your place, here’s what to do next to get ready for your degree.