London Leadership Team

The Management Team is a collaborative group of key individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey at Confetti London.

Comprised of our Campus Director, Head of Academic Studies, Head of Campus Operations, Student Services Manager, Senior Course Leaders and Lecturers, this dynamic team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure an enriching and inspiring learning environment for all students. Their combined efforts drive innovation, excellence, and a student-centric approach that defines the Confetti experience.

Our Education Leadership Team

Darius Khwaja

Darius Khwaja

Campus Director

Darius, our Campus Director, brings a unique blend of music industry experience and educational leadership. His journey from musician to heading the Musicians Institute London and co-founding the London College of Contemporary Music (LCCM) proves his dedication to music education. Find out more

Dr Simon Das

Dr Simon Das

Head of Academic Studies

Simon, a Senior Fellow of Advance HE, brings extensive experience from leading departments at UAL’s Media School and UCA’s Business School. With 15 years in teaching and research, he specializes in media management, holding a PhD. Find out more.

Glenn Middleditch headshot photo

Glenn Middleditch

Head of Campus Operations

Glenn is an experienced professional with a career spanning the BBC, event management, music production, and DJing. Notable moments include live broadcasts from Afghanistan, producing at the British Grand Prix, and creating his own festival. Find out more.

Rich Brook 1 (1)

Richard Brook

Senior Course Leader

Richard Brook, our Senior Course Leader, brings over 30 years of experience as a freelance drummer, musical director, and educator. His journey encompasses sessions for top artists and theater productions, contributing to production planning, and performing at major music festivals. Find out more.

Lenny Whitehall 1 (1)

Lenny Whitehall

Senior Lecturer

Lenny brings extensive real-world experience from filming in challenging environments for major broadcasters. With clients like the BBC, ITV, C4, Discovery, Sky, and National Geographic, she bridges industry and academia, teaching at institutions like Central Film School and the UAL, London.

Wayne Urquhart1.png

Wayne Urquhart

Senior Lecturer

Wayne Urquhart, an experienced Cellist, Composer, and Audio Engineer, brings over 20 years in entertainment. He excels in sound design, editing, voice recording, and music, collaborating with renowned artists like Olly Murs and Moby, contributing to chart-topping albums and live performances worldwide. Find out more.

Nick Eade 1 (1)

Nick Eade

Senior Lecturer

With over two decades of experience spanning 17 universities globally, Nick is well-prepared. His expertise in enhancing safety and welfare at major international events is evidenced by his involvement in festivals like Roskilde and EXIT. Find out more

Ian Sillett 1 (1)

Ian Sillett

Senior Lecturer

Ian, an experienced musician, educator, and mentor, boasts nearly three decades of experience. Collaborating with icons like Sir Paul McCartney, Nigel Kennedy, and Melanie C highlights his journey, while his influence extends to nurturing talents like James Bay, Tom Odell, and more. Find out more

Lynsey McCall 1 (1)

Lynsey McCall

Student Services Manager

With 15 years in the arts and education sectors, Lynsey deeply values Confetti London’s vocational training and hands-on learning. She aims to ensure students receive effective, engaging training and a fulfilling university experience.

How to contact the Education Leadership Team

For any inquiries or matters related to education, our Education Leadership Team is here to assist.

Available 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday (excluding Christmas Closure and Bank Holidays) via: