A family of businesses based in Nottingham committed to driving new approaches to education and creative industries. Student enterprise is nurtured through partnerships with the group businesses.

“As a former music producer I wanted to come up with a way for young people to learn about the music industry from those who were in it – not taught from books. And I couldn’t see anywhere that did that authentically. So we started Confetti. A couple of studios, some great kit and a handful of students. I didn’t expect the demand for our courses to grow quite as rapidly as they did. There are so many synergies between creative technology disciplines so music led to the creation of games courses, which led to media and to the formation of the Confetti Media Group. The rest as they say is history.”

Founder and Chief Executive Craig Chettle MBE

Key moments


Confetti Studios opens its doors – 14 students begin studying sound engineering in a single recording studio, taught by a handful of staff. 

Confetti Studios launches partnership with Peoples’ College.


New partnership with Arnold & Carlton College


Electric Mayhem Studios opens (Confetti’s first commercial
recording studio)


First Industry Week with Tony Wilson


Confetti begins annual partnership with Splendour Festival


HRH Prince Harry visits


Campus transformation begins


Caves discovered on main site


Confetti’s new campus welcomes its first students.
Confetti has expanded from a small studio on Convent Street to three-creative hubs spanning the Creative Quarter


Notts TV turns 5
Antenna turns 10
Confetti turns 25
Follow our journey #confetti25