Our alumni are representing the creative industries around the world; from London to LA, Berlin to right here in Nottingham. Former Confetti students are “Doing it for Real” working in the industry on some exciting projects.

“I record and produce most of my music and I use a lot of what I learnt at Confetti. Being knowledgeable about that side of things is not only necessary if you don’t have money early on as otherwise you won’t be able to make records, but I think creatively, being comfortable and knowledgeable about music tech is massively powerful. It makes me write so much more and experiment with way more styles – a dubstep track one day, an orchestral arrangement the next.”


Occupation: Internationally renowned beatbox artist

Studied: HND Music Production and Sound Engineering

Year of graduation: 2004

“Confetti had fantastic speakers in who had real-world experience, so I went to every possible game talk I had time for, stopping at the end of every session to talk to the speakers, to get their experience, their stories. One speaker caught my attention, a guy who was working in Quality Assurance – I liked the sound of it. A few years later, and I’m working in QA myself – in Los Angeles!”


Occupation: QA Operations Lead at Riot Games (Los Angeles)

Studied: FdSc Games Technology

Year of graduation: 2013

“If you want the best kickstart to getting into the creative industries then Confetti is the place to be. Confetti’s facilities made it feel like you were a professional games developer already due to having access to industry standard mocap, Foley and audio studies. Confetti’s industry weeks also made for some special memories. Meeting professionals who were already well established in the games industry was great as they brought some great insight for future goals.”


Occupation: Games Tester at Rockstar

Studied: BSc (Hons) Games Production

Year of graduation: 2018

“Confetti was hugely memorable and important for me, it set me up for industry in ways that both college and secondary school never did. Not only did Confetti teach me the physical aspect of plugging equipment in and getting it working, there was also the scientific physics aspect which added the reasoning behind why equipment is set up in certain ways. In addition to this the client facing side was also taught, I still use all of it every day for my work it is so fundamental.”


Occupation: Head of Sound at ESL UK

Studied: FdSc Audio & Recording Technology

Year of graduation: 2016

“Confetti was so important to me in providing a well-rounded, mature and in-depth knowledge and ability for my chosen career. Without the studying and experiences I gained at Confetti, I wouldn’t have acquired my job now at ITV. Confetti’s core with Doing it for Real allowed me to showcase a plethora of different skills and proficiencies to my ITV employers, and made me a cut above the competition! “


Occupation: Production Specialist at ITV

Studied: FdSc Television Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2018

“The course I did helped shape my life, without this awesome college I would never have acquired the basic industry knowledge that helped me progress to be the professional drummer I am today.”


Occupation: Professional Drummer

Studied: BTEC Music Diploma

Year of graduation: 2008

“When I think back to my time at Confetti, I think back to the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to get hands-on with recording studio equipment that allowed me to gain key experience. It was at Confetti around this time that I first used a classic Focusrite Red 3 Compressor and needless to say I fell in love with it, it quickly became my compressor of choice! Now 20 years on working for and representing Focusrite, it was these opportunities that helped me in my career and shaped me to work for 20 years in the industry.”


Occupation: Vice President of EMEA Distribution for Focusrite

Studied: HND Sound Engineering and Music Technology

Year of graduation: 1999

“Confetti were incredibly committed to supporting young women entering a male dominated industry.”


Occupation: Production and Stage Manager

Studied: Level 3 Technical Events

Year of graduation: 2014

“I started my journey in editing shortly after graduating from Confetti. I moved to Manchester as a Videographer, then moved to London and delved into the world of TV. I worked at Hat Trick Productions for over a year as an Office runner, working on shows such as ‘Have I Got News For You’, ‘The Time it Takes’ and ‘George Clarks Shed of The Year’. I then got a job on ‘Rich House Poor House’ and progressed from Runner, Junior Researcher to Researcher throughout the 2 series. Confetti is the reason why I’m in TV. The experience I got through working with Notts TV News, Nusic and Spool gave me the on-location confidence and technical experience I needed to shoot past my competitors and get to roles in TV that I actually want to do.”


Occupation: Junior Editor at Plum Pictures

Studied: FdSc TV & Film Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2015

“The tutors at Confetti were so supportive – they pushed me to achieve the best I possibly could, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”


Occupation: Apprentice Junior 2D Artist at Double Negative

Studied: Level 3 VFX and Animation

Year of graduation: 2018

“Kyle works as a match day photographer at Nottingham Forest Football Club, combining his love of camera work with his passion for football and this team.”


Occupation: Nottingham Forest FC Media Team

Studied: BSc Television Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2018

“Confetti was where I first got to exercise my creative talents and truly fall in love with production. Being surrounded by other talented people really does help inspire you.”


Occupation: Producer at Lab42 Games

Studied: FdSc Film and TV Broadcast Production

Year of graduation: 2014

“During her time at Confetti, Courtney gained experience working at Notts TV, and has since worked at Darlow Smith Productions, Barcroft Studios and now as a Shooting Researcher for the BBC.”


Occupation: Shooting Researcher at BBC

Studied: FdSc Film & TV Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2018

“Confetti was a trailblazer – at the time there was no other college in the area that offered the level of hands-on experience, you’d have to travel to London to find comparable facilities.”


Occupation: Senior Consultant – Acoustics and Vibration

Studied: FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Year of graduation: 2008

“Studying at Confetti was one of the best choices I’ve made. I had little knowledge about the recording process and after two years I developed the skills and confidence to record and produce myself and have been doing so ever since.”


Occupation: Musician/songwriter – Maximo Park

Studied: Audio Engineering

Year of graduation: 2002

“Confetti’s cutting-edge facilities and mentors within the industry, paired with their great local connections to real-world businesses sets them apart from the rest. Nottingham is lucky to have you!”


Occupation: Live Sound Engineer

Studied: BSc Audio & Recording Technologies

Year of graduation: 2009

“Former Confetti student Luke is currently working on a Pinewood film as a sound designer and is looking forward to two other projects lined up towards the middle and end of this year. He’s also just worked on a live illusion with Dynamo as well as a projection mapping installation for a Primark store in Berlin. Pinewood is where most of DisneySony and Paramount films are dubbed into multiple languages and has proved a great place for Luke to further his experience as a sound editor.”


Occupation: Sound Designer at Warner Bros

Studied: FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Year of graduation: 2009

“Industry Week was a great time in the academic year to network and socialise with industry professionals. This allowed me to grow in terms of confidence and to have those contacts was a massive help when it came to look for my first job in the industry.”


Occupation: Game Tester at Rockstar Games

Studied: FdSc Games Technology

Year of graduation: 2013

“Matt is 21 and graduated from the FdSc Music Tech degree at Confetti in 2014. Since winning the Confetti Student of the Year award last year, he has been working for Spool Post as a Sound Editor/Designer and Composer. He got his first feature film credit in the summer after working on Nativity 3.”


Occupation: Sound Editor at Spool Films

Studied: FdSc Audio & Music Technology

Year of graduation: 2014

“I currently work as a lighting TD in film visual effects. I have worked on James Bond, Independence Day, Mary Poppins and Ant Man and the Wasp. I really enjoy the mix of creativity and technical components I get to see movies in the raw form and also work as part of a large team. The skills I got during my time at Confetti have been hugely instrumental in my job!”


Occupation: Lighting TD in Visual Effects for Film

Studied: Digital Video and Broadcast Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2012

“I’ve been at SKY for just under two years and get to work on really diverse shows, using the best equipment available. Confetti helped me achieve my ambitions by giving me an outlet to discover what I wanted to do in the media Industry. I was given the chance to make films and documentaries which is something I’d always wanted to do. In a nutshell I learnt the basics of directing and editing at Confetti, which has been the perfect platform to spring from into the industry.”


Occupation: Sky Sports Camera Operator

Studied: FdSc Broadcast and Video Production

Year of graduation: 2009