Our alumni are representing the creative and entertainment industries around the world; from the USA to Europe, to right here in the UK. Former Confetti students are “Doing It For Real” working on some exciting projects.

“I record and produce most of my music and I use a lot of what I learnt at Confetti. Being knowledgeable about that side of things is not only necessary if you don’t have money early on as otherwise you won’t be able to make records, but I think creatively, being comfortable and knowledgeable about music tech is massively powerful. It makes me write so much more and experiment with way more styles – a dubstep track one day, an orchestral arrangement the next.”


Occupation: Internationally Renowned Beatbox Artist, as seen on the Voice UK 2023.

Studied: HND Music Production and Sound Engineering

Year of graduation: 2004

“Confetti really supported my growth as a filmmaker.

“The facilities, industry contacts and guest lectures are incredible. You get plenty of hands-on experience with intimate lectures giving you the quality 1-1 time needed to progress and learn.

“My tutors were always great, always supporting me and pushing me in the right direction. It was critical, especially when graduating, asking for advice on where to go and what to do is very useful. 

“Hearing from people who are working in the industry definitely makes it more attainable. The most important thing that I learned was how to collaborate effectively with other people. I use this skill every day; it’s invaluable on a film or tv set.” 

“Confetti is great, it’s got brilliant teachers and my course, Music Performance, is 100% recommended – you get the opportunity to meet so many talented people, and get involved in the local music scene.

“I’ve just improved my music career so much and a lot of it’s down to Confetti and its tutors. They have courses for all ranges of musicians. So, if you’re experienced or if you’re completely inexperienced and you want to do your first ever gig, they have stuff for everyone. I just think it’s so accessible”. 


Occupation: Music Artist

Studied: Level 3 Music Performance and Songwriting

Year of graduation: 2023

“Confetti exposed me to all sorts of industry-leading hardware and software, from entry level to arena-grade, best of the best, all of which are commonplace inside and outside the esports industry. 

“Throughout my three-year degree, I’ve gained thousands of hours working with some of the biggest esports production teams and broadcast organisations including Gfinity, BLAST, FACEIT, and GGTech!

“I wanted to be involved in these opportunities because “learning on the job” is by far the most efficient and certain way to consolidate the learning of skills and theory on the course. Confetti’s been a huge springboard and I’ve had a fantastic time working alongside my course mates, tutors and Confetti’s amazing Tech team.” 


Occupation: Junior Broadcast Engineer and Operator at Gravity Media

Studied: BSc (Hons) Esports Production

Year of graduation: 2023

“What you take from here is, you learn how to be professional. You learn the world of the industry and that’s really the gamechanger. Confetti taught me everything I needed to know to start my career, including the biggest thing of all, problem solving. My entire job is problem solving and troubleshooting and that’s what happens here at Confetti. It enabled me to succeed in my apprenticeship and break into industry.”


Occupation: Operations Engineer for the BBC, worked on The King’s Coronation (2023), Glastonbury (2023) and Game On! For BBC Children In Need (2023)

Studied: Level 3 Film and Television Production

Year of graduation: 2014

“Confetti is fantastic, there’s loads of amazing opportunities to get involved in the live entertainment industries and when you require support, the tutors are always there to help guide you.

“They have the latest technology, highly experienced staff, and lots of industry contacts which can help you on your way.

“Confetti helped me to build my technical knowledge in lighting and sound, and provided opportunities to get hands-on and learn by doing. Enrichment activities like Industry Week and Splendour Festival have provided me experience in event management and boosted my confidence to go out, meet new people, and work on different creative opportunities.”


Occupation: Event Technician at Nottingham Contemporary

Studied: BSc (Hons) Event Production

Year of graduation: 2023

“Before uni, I didn’t think I could make a successful career out of music. However, at Confetti, the tutors’ passion really rubs off on you and makes you believe you can get there. If you show you’re dedicated and committed, they will put you forward for opportunities and push you to be the best you can be. 

“I can’t recommend enough networking and getting involved in events organised on campus. And then there’s the facilities – Confetti prepared me to walk into any studio and write a song.”


Occupation: Freelance Musician

Studied: BA (Hons) Music Performance

Year of graduation: 2021

“Confetti was brilliant. We met friends there that we will keep for life and proper people that are interested in music. Ever since Confetti really, our song writing’s changed and gone in the right direction. They’ve got the knowledge, you should take it. You won’t get that anywhere else. Certainly not at any university we’ve ever seen or been to. So, big up Confetti, thanks for forming us.”


Occupation: Music Band 

Studied: BA (Hons) Music Performance

“Without Confetti, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They gave me great networking opportunities, great opportunities to play live and everything I know about the industry came from that.

“If you know you want to work in a creative industry, no matter what it is you want to do, Confetti’s the place to go. They are so friendly. Just go and speak to anybody there and they’ll point you in the right direction, because that’s what it was like for me.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was working a retail job and now I’ve performed at Splendour Festival in front of thousands! It’s all thanks to Confetti, they just pushed and nurtured me in the right direction.”


Occupation: : Bassist – The Publics

Studied: Level 3 Music Performance and Songwriting

Year of graduation: 2021

“I wanted to find somewhere that could cater to what I wanted and Confetti was the place to be. The campus is very cool with great recording studios and I really enjoyed spending time there.

“I am glad I did it. It solidified the idea that I wanted to work in audio engineering and without that I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today. They make you feel confident that it’s an industry you can step into.

“It didn’t feel like college or university; we were gaining industry experience at a very early stage. It opened doors for me; I wouldn’t have the confidence to go and meet different clients everyday if it wasn’t for my time at Confetti.”


Occupation: Outside Broadcast Audio Engineer at Cloudbass Limited

Studied: BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology

Year of graduation: 2019

“Confetti’s a game changer, it’s all about going out and doing it for yourself. It’s hands-on experience with the latest tech and you come out knowing all of the industry standard equipment used in the world of broadcasting.

“You wouldn’t realise how much actually goes into a film or tv set. If you’re familiar with the kit on day one, it helps so much and reflects really well on you. Having had so many opportunities to practise my craft and get used to what it’s like working in industry, it made the transition so much easier. Confetti really sets you up for what comes next.”


Occupation: Streaming Technician at Production Bureau

Studied: BSc (Hons) Television Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2021

“At Confetti I developed a strong portfolio which supported me to land a job in the games industry.

“I was definitely supported and it’s well important to mention that there aren’t a lot of women in the industry. So, it’s important to be able to have tutors that not only support you educationally but also as a woman and to be uplifted and know that you are valued in this industry.

“If you’re looking to start a career in games design and technology, it’s a great place to train and gain hands-on experience.

“There’s a lot of stuff to learn about and lots of time built in to develop your portfolio. It opens a lot of doors into what facets of design you can branch into.”


Occupation: Narrative Designer at Square Enix

Studied: FdSc Game and Interactive Media Design

Year of graduation: 2015

“During my time with Confetti I took advantage of every opportunity available to me, and there were lots! I wanted a hands-on degree and Confetti didn’t disappoint. I ended up with over 100 hours of freelance work. Whilst I studied Film and TV, I was also introduced to the world of esports and got involved in some of the events hosted on campus. 

“Alongside the technical skills learnt, I also worked on my soft skills, like communication, networking, and building relationships. Early on I learnt to step out of my comfort zone and Confetti made it easy to network. It meant that, upon graduating, I had lots of experience and contacts to draw on and this is something employers really like to see.”


Occupation:  Esports Project Manager and Multi Skilled Operator

Studied: Level 3 Film and Television Production and BSc (Hons) Television Production

Year of graduation: 2022

“I studied music production and just loved it, I loved the vibe and I loved the tutors!

“It was something that I could see myself progressing in further and it provided lots of networking opportunities.

“It also helped me to understand the ins and outs of the music and live events industry and the business side of things.

“Ultimately, it has helped me to get my name out there, meet new people, and prepared me for my future career. It can do the same for you too!”


Occupation: Artist Manager and Full time Touring Musician

Studied: Level 2 and Level 3 Music Production

Year of graduation: 2012

“The tutors at Confetti were so supportive – they pushed me to achieve the best I possibly could, and I couldn’t have done it without them.” 


Occupation: VFX Data Wrangler at Paramount Pictures

Studied: Level 3 VFX and Animation

Year of graduation: 2018

“During my time at Confetti, I really enjoyed it because you get to use a lot of different pieces of equipment. You get your lighting, your sound, the cameras and learn how that all works. And a lot of it’s practical. So it’s quite good to get hands-on and learn how the equipment works in practice.

“Alongside my course, I gained a lot of useful industry experience with Notts TV, starting out as a Runner and working my way up to Technical Director. I also got to be part of the film crew at Splendour Festival and interned as a videographer for Nottingham Forest FC. Over a three year course, each year is completely different.

“You get to learn different skills, working on exciting projects and using all types of equipment. So when I graduated, I had a really good range of skill sets.” 


Occupation: DIT Assistant for Apple TV, worked on Without Sin (2022), Ted Lasso (2023), and The Great (2023)

Studied: Level 3 Film and Television Production

Year of graduation: 2020

“Confetti was hugely memorable and important for me, it set me up for industry in ways that both college and secondary school never did.

“Not only did Confetti teach me the physical aspect of plugging equipment in and getting it working, there was also the scientific physics aspect which added the reasoning behind why equipment is set up in certain ways. In addition to this the client facing side was also taught, I still use all of it every day for my work it is so fundamental.”


Occupation: Broadcast Technician at Supponor

Studied: FdSc Audio & Recording Technology

Year of graduation: 2016

“Confetti was instrumental in providing that initial contact any music stuff that I do comes from the relationships I formed at Confetti. It gives you insights into the business side of things and makes you feel music can be more than a hobby. Being surrounded by people with experience in industry who treat it as a career definitely helps put it all into perspective!”


Occupation: Freelance Session Vocalist and Performer

Studied: Level 3 Music Performance & Songwriting and BA (Hons) Music Performance 

Year of graduation: 2016

“Confetti was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Right from the Open Day I was hooked, everything about it just clicked with me. I much prefer doing practical work than theory and that’s what Confetti’s all about.

“The tutors and mentors are all super personable and charismatic and the experience has definitely helped me improve my confidence.

“My whole outlook has changed – I’ve learnt how to network, be myself and make friends in the industry, and this has made me more confident in public speaking too. So much so, I was recently invited back to share my insights with current students as part of Confetti Industry Week.”


Occupation: Technical Designer at Red Kite Games

Studied: BSc (Hons) Games Production

Year of graduation: 2021

“I loved my time at Confetti. It helped me figure out who I wanted to be as an artist, and connected me with lots of people in the music scene. It gave me time to perfect my craft more and learn different instruments. I got to meet some amazing people and learn a lot of different skills. It was definitely a blessing.”


Occupation: Music Artist – the Voice UK 2022 quarter-finalist

Studied: BA (Hons) Music Performance

Year of graduation: 2022

“Studying at Confetti allowed me to access the resources I needed to develop and gave me the space and support to explore my interests in video. I was able to gain experience of designing and creating video content as well as in the technical and engineering elements on a range of different types of events.

“Since finishing my degree I’ve been supported and encouraged by a lot of wonderful people in the video design community and I am really grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.”


Occupation: Head of Video for The Time Traveller’s Wife, Apollo Theatre London

Studied: BSc (Hons) Event Production

Year of graduation: 2022

“What drew me to Confetti was its facilities and industry experience, it really made me want to get involved. 

“My tutors were really supportive and they gave me some of the best industry advice which stays with me to this day. They helped a lot with my CV and my portfolio, and created lots of networking opportunities for me to get my name and face known. 

“Industry Week in particular was a great opportunity to connect with people already working in industry. It was fantastic to be able to learn about their roles, the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons learnt along the way.”


Occupation: QA Tester at Dambuster Studios

Studied: Level 3 Games Art

Year of graduation: 2022

“Esports at Confetti ticked every box: from the course details, to the facilities and the surrounding location. 

“They have been in the gaming industry for a long time and it’s a very good place to study, as it has world-class equipment, lecturers that have experience within the industry and connections to like-minded professionals. This means that your studying experience will already be beyond what other universities offer. 

“Everyone at Confetti is very passionate about what they are studying, which creates a fantastic working environment. The thing I enjoyed the most was the tutors and their enthusiasm.”They enjoy the subject just as much as we do, and so it doesn’t feel like a lecture at all.”


Occupation: Graduate Audio Engineer at Gravity Media

Studied: BSc (Hons) Esports Production

Year of graduation: 2023

“Confetti is more than just education, it gives you the motivation and confidence that you can do your dream job. The course really helped improve my communication skills. My lecturer gave me tons of ideas, he pushed me to be better and the department encourages you to flourish. They do that for everyone and they can do it for you too.

“Confetti knows how to make the course better for its students and there were countless opportunities where I could put the skills into practice. The experience more than prepared me for my next steps in industry.”


Occupation: Houdini TD at Union VFX

Studied: BSc (Hons) Visual Effects Production Technology

Year of graduation: 2021

“When I think back to my time at Confetti, I think back to the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to get hands-on with recording studio equipment that allowed me to gain key experience.

“It was at Confetti around this time that I first used a classic Focusrite Red 3 Compressor and needless to say I fell in love with it, it quickly became my compressor of choice!

“Now 20 years on working for and representing Focusrite, it was these opportunities that helped me in my career and shaped me to work for 20 years in the industry.”


Occupation: Senior Vice President of EMEA Distribution at Focusrite

Studied: HND Sound Engineering and Music Technology

Year of graduation: 1999

“Confetti had fantastic speakers in who had real-world experience, so I went to every possible game talk I had time for, stopping at the end of every session to talk to the speakers, to get their experience, their stories.

“One speaker caught my attention, a guy who was working in Quality Assurance – I liked the sound of it. A few years later, and I’m working in QA myself!”


Occupation: QA Project Lead at Playstation – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Studied: FdSc Games Technology

Year of graduation: 2013

“Studying at Confetti was one of the best choices I’ve made. I had little knowledge about the recording process and after two years I developed the skills and confidence to record and produce myself and have been doing so ever since.”


Occupation: Guitarist/ Songwriter – Maximo Park

Studied: Audio Engineering

Year of graduation: 2002