Top up your degree

Confetti offers students who have gained a foundation degree have the chance to top up their qualification to a full bachelor’s degree in your chosen subject.

Below, we explain the benefits of applying to top up your qualification with us this September and why it could be worth it to you.

What’s next after a Foundation Degree?

After completing two years you will graduate with an FdSc/FdA qualification and choose whether you want to continue and enroll on a top up year for a full BSc qualification or whether you would rather stop your education and start your creative career. Here at Confetti, we offer the chance to top up your HND or foundation degree by joining our BA/BSc courses by direct entry into year 2 or 3 through UCAS (Confetti students can apply through their current tutor), depending upon your qualification and experience.

Why should you top up your Foundation Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is a great choice if you’re looking to gain a full Level 6 qualification. This type of degree is perfect for you if you prefer a more theoretical approach to your studies combined with significant elements of practice. You’ll also need a full bachelor’s degree to apply for graduate schemes or graduate-level jobs…a significant number of foundation graduates decide to top up for this reason. Topping up will also demonstrate to an employer that you have the academic, organizational and management skills needed for your chosen career path.

Why you should choose to top up at Confetti?

Want to top up? Here's how...

To top up your foundation degree, you can apply for our BSc/BA degree course through UCAS using the course code and when asked, choose to apply for ‘Year 3’. If you would like advice about whether or not your previous study qualifies for top-up please contact or call 0115 952 2075

If you’ve just graduated from a foundation degree at Confetti, you can bypass the UCAS process by applying online – just click the button below!