Student Services

Our Student Services Team are located behind reception in the main Confetti HQ building. They offer support, information, advice and guidance for both college (FE) and university (HE) level Confetti students.

Here to help

Call: 0115 952 2075
Find us: Reception area (Convent Street entrance)

We aim to respond to voice messages within 24 hours and emails within 48 hours.

Advice and Pastoral Support

Our SST office is open daily 8.30am – 5pm where you can arrange an appointment or if a member of the team is available, see them there and then. Our team is available to help with general enquiries, but can also offer information on specific areas of support, including:

  • Pastoral Support, including mental health and wellbeing
  • Finance advice, including FE bursaries
  • Signposting to external services
  • Safeguarding

This list is by no means exhaustive, and Student Services can discuss support available through Confetti, Nottingham Trent University and other agencies, where appropriate.

Information, Advice and Guidance

Our Information, Advice and Guidance officer is  available on site to give you quality advice including help and advice from external bodies, throughout your Confetti journey. You can access help with:

  • Course choice
  • CV building
  • UCAS application
  • Progression advice

Confidential support

If you are struggling with anything and would like to talk about it then Confetti offers a confidential support service. You can either meet face to face or get advice online.

Either drop into Student Services to book an appointment or contact us directly at Please note the content of your disclosure will be kept confidential except in the following circumstances:

  • Where information given is indicating risk of abuse
  • Where there is a serious perceived risk of harm to you or to others
  • Where you give consent to breach confidentiality, for example if you would like us to make a referral to a permanent counsellor or set up a joint tutorial
  • Where there are definite plans in place to harm yourself
  • When the staff member is in need of support or guidance from their supervisor
  • If records are demanded by the courts


Confetti is committed to the support and protection of children and vulnerable adults. Detailed and rigorous policies are in place to support all students in achieving their potential.

The Designated Senior Person for safeguarding at Confetti is Emma Talbot, to whom any queries can be directed. Full policy documentation is available on request.

Our Safeguarding team

Emma Talbot

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Natalie Brewster

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Lee Callen

Safeguarding Officer

Hannah Sisson

Safeguarding Officer

Rebecca Machin

Safeguarding Officer

Information on Complaints and Appeals appears in the HE Student Handbook. To make a complaint you should talk to your tutor or course leader in the first instance. To make a formal complaint contact