Confetti staff and students can use wireless connections at all Confetti sites and other participating institutions where they use eduroam.

Connecting locally at a Confetti site

All students and members of staff can connect to eduroam when at any Confetti site. If you have any issues with your username or password, please contact your tutor or manager respectively.

How to connect

  1. Open your device’s Wi-Fi settings
  2. Choose the network titled eduroam
  3. At the prompt, enter your Confetti username followed by For example:
  4. Enter your Confetti password (the one you use to access your emails/log on to on-campus computers)
  5. Accept certificates if prompted. For Android devices, you may need to select the drop down arrow next to ‘CA certificate’ and set it to ‘Do not validate’ (as in this image) before you are able to connect

Visiting other eduroam sites  

You may need to check with staff at the site that you’ll be visiting to find out what eduroam facilities are available there. Once you’re at the remote site you will be prompted for your eduroam username and password. You should use your normal Confetti username (e.g. lauren.ipsum) followed by and then your normal login password.

Find where you can connect to eduroam using Where Can I Eduroam.

You should follow any local instructions issued by the computing service at the institute that you are visiting regarding security, access restrictions and acceptable use policies. Note that you are also still bound by the Confetti Acceptable Use Policy. Where the policies and regulations differ, the most restrictive applies.

The Eduroam policy can be found on the JANET website.

Once authenticated you should usually have access to at least web browsing. This will allow you to access your Confetti email via Web Access. As a guest you will not normally have access to the visited institution’s facilities such as applications, printing, etc.

Visitors: staff and students visiting from other institutions

Visitors from institutions participating in the eduroam service can use our wireless network to access the internet.

Confetti has wireless coverage across all its sites. In addition to any acceptable use policies at your home institution, by using these facilities on our network you are also agreeing to the Confetti Acceptable Use Policy.

Visitors to Confetti wishing to use the eduroam service should, before coming to Confetti, ensure that their home institution participates in the eduroam service.

Confetti supports eduroam Tier Two using IEEE 802.1X authentication (WPA2 with AES) via the eduroam wireless SSID.

Eduroam visitors from other institutions should contact their own institution for any client configuration assistance.