Games Art – BTEC Level 3

This programme stands alongside Confetti’s sister Games Technology programme to allow you to specialise and explore the elements of games development relating to the look and feel of a game, developing your drawing and design skills in 2D and 3D. Throughout the course, you will build a portfolio of your work, including environments, characters, animations and other games artefacts. The artistic and creative skills you hone will enable you to work towards an exciting career within specialist fields such as games or the broader creative industries.

What you’ll study

Term 1 - Core Art Principles

The first term will give you a solid grounding in the fundamental skills and practices of art and design, developing your toolkit which you will use throughout the course, including drawing skills, idea generation, digital image manipulation, animation and basic 3D modelling.

Term 2 - 2D Animation

Whilst you continue to enhance your skills in art and design, you will be introduced to graphic narrative production and concept art techniques. You will also be looking at 2D animation in more depth, giving you one of your first looks on the course at how assets can be created for 2D projects.

Term 3 - Games Story

You’ll continue to flex your creative muscles through various forms of visual recording, art and design and 3D modelling. The last term of your first year on the Game Art programme will explore ideas, concepts and game story development.

Term 4 - Games Design

Developing upon your core understanding of art and design from the first year, the second year begins with you developing artwork and ideas for games with an emphasis on games design and the core elements of building a game from the ground up.

Term 5 - Final Major Project

Moving into Term 5, you will begin your Final Major Project where you are given the creative freedom to develop visuals for your own game ideas. You will be expected to produce a near-professional portfolio of artwork and specialist illustration for your game. This will be your chance to really concentrate on what you love whether that be character art, weapon design or environment art.

Term 6 - Portfolio Development

The final term concludes your development in the application of art and design with regards to Game Art, which will lead to your final portfolio of work. This will help secure your place in Higher Education or perhaps in the workplace. You will enhance your capability in managing projects and familiarise yourself with the types of complex workflow you will need to become accustomed to in the games industry.

Our campus

We’re developing our campus to make sure you’re studying in the best facilities with the latest industry-standard equipment – find out more about our campus developments – including a brand new home for music & events at the Contemporary Music Hub, the new TV & Film facilities at Space2 and our £9.1m Digital Media space – the Digital Media Hub.

At Confetti our classrooms are unique. As part of their course, our students get the chance to go out into industry and Do It For Real at locations across the UK! Check out our interactive map to see how our classrooms are different and to get a taste of the kind of experiences you could take part in whilst studying at Confetti.

Industry Week

As a Confetti student, you will also take part in Confetti’s Industry Week where you’ll meet a range of professionals within your field of interest, as well as other areas of the creative industries.