You said, we did – degree students

Friday January 20, 2023

At Confetti, we’re all about keeping our students engaged and motivated in their learning. If there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have Course Representatives to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said… Could more social events and collaboration opportunities be organised?

We did… There are several gigs throughout the year where you can meet other students. There’s also an NTSU event society you can join to help organise events you want to see. We will put something on site one evening to help you kick start collaborations. Please let your course leader know if you have any ideas?


You said… Can a physical notice board be put up somewhere so students can put up collaboration opportunities?

We did… Two physical boards exist outside of the HE music rehearsal rooms. They’re free to use, but not all courses would naturally pass them and so opportunities could be missed. We have set up a HE Cross Course, Cross Curriculum Teams site for students to post collaboration ideas on.

Confetti HE Cross Course Student Collaboration – MS Teams


You said… Overall communication needs to be better. There are so many forms of communication and platforms that it’s confusing for students e.g. Now, MS Teams, Email, Confetti website

We did… The main platform your course will use is NTU’s NOW for course related resources and messages. Course Leaders and Module Leaders will contact you regularly via email so please make sure you are checking your NTU email address. To support communications, we have also re-introduced ‘Student Notices’ which your tutor should be covering weekly in one of your timetable’s sessions.


You said… What mental health support is available?

We did… Students can contact Student Services to access support and to find out information on further support that is available.  Students can also access support via Togetherall and SilverCloud.

To access, please use your NTU email address to sign up.


You said… Can students access the landline phones downstairs in Metronome in case of an emergency?

We did… Yes, students can dial 300 for Metronome reception, 100 for main Confetti reception at DMH. We will liaise with Marketing to create signage.


You said… The plastic chairs in classrooms are uncomfortable.

We did… We are looking at gradually rolling out better and more comfortable seating across all sites. This could be a bit of a lengthy process, but we are aware that there are some concerns with the seating and this has been addressed with senior management.


You said… Please can we print here at Confetti?

We did… Confetti and NTU use different print services. Printing is however available on request via reception or via the LRC staff.


You said… The laptops in C304 don’t always auto connect to the Wi-Fi?

We did… This should have been resolved now. If there’s any ongoing issues tutors should log it on our Helpdesk fault reporting system.


You said… Some of the computer tower racks in DMH are faulty and loose

We did… We have completed a PC housing audit in December and all issues have now been rectified.


You said… Can you let us know how to connect to the Wi-Fi network?

We did… You can find out how to connect to our Wi-Fi via the link on our website:


You said… What alternative milks are available in the café and where are they located?

We did… Almond, Soya, Coconut and Oat milk are all available on request, these are on display next to the till. Please speak to a member of the café team for assistance.


You said… Can we get more than one vegetarian option in the café?

We did… We currently offer one meat and one vegetarian option for the main meal. We also have vegetarian fillings for the jacket potatoes and burgers as well as a range of vegetarian sandwiches and snacks.


You said… The soft drinks in the vending machines are too expensive 

We did… We don’t currently control the pricing of the vending machines as these are outsourced. We have increased our range of drinks and snacks available in the student café with the aim to offer great value alternatives to the vending machines.


You said… The sausage rolls sell out too quickly in the café

We did… We regularly replenish the hot food items available. If something is missing please speak to a member of the café team who will be happy to help.

This list contains some of this term’s highlights, for the full list of improvements, please check your student email.