You said, we did – degree students

Sunday June 20, 2021

At Confetti, we’re all about keeping our students engaged and motivated in their learning. If there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have Course Representatives to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said…Can there be more ‘Ice breakers’ for students in the new year, especially at the start of term?

We did…We were limited last year around onsite activity due to the pandemic. We are currently at the early stages of planning the ‘Welcome’ activity. We are unable to give any clear plans yet, but depending on the restrictions we would hope to increase onsite ice breaker events at Confetti plus there may be additional NTSU activity

You said…Could some seating (maybe benches) be placed in outdoor areas for students to spend time and eat

We did…We can confirm that NCC have agreed for us to put seating in the Space 2 courtyard and that we have already purchased 2 picnic style benches

You said…In rooms 404 and 405 there are some issues problems with memory on the computers – ‘no memory’ appears on the screens, but the drive isn’t full

We did…These are in line for a refresh next year

You said…Would like more support with workload and mental health. A 1:1 session may help if they’re possible?

We did…All HE Students can contact Student Services to arrange a 1:1 in regards to a wide range of issues, including their mental health. HE Students should also have had information on how to sign up for Togetherall, a free 24/7 mental health service.

Similarly, all HE students can book onto NTU Library sessions to support themselves with their workload, they can book onto online workshops as well as 1:1’s in regards to study skills, academic writing, ‘turnitin’ and referencing.

HE Students can also email our HE ALS team to access HE Drop ins for extra academic support and guidance. Email:

If any HE Students have a long term condition, including a mental health condition, they should contact HE ALS/Student Services to discuss Disabled Students Allowances (DSA’s) and access plans.

You said…When will students be able to book camera / additional equipment?

We did…We’re aware of the difficulties students have had with kit availability, and will be doing everything we possibly can to alleviate this now that on site access is possible again. Specific availability will vary according to course and level, but watch this space…

You said…Would like some desks in the common room as they don’t have a proper workspace if they haven’t booked an area. F15 has to be booked by a tutor.

We did…Estates had to reduce the amount of furniture in the common room to help with social distancing. As lockdown lifts they can start putting furniture back. There is a bookable meeting room on the ground floor that could be made accessible – please ask security or reception for access.

You said…Would like an update on the No Detriment Policy

We did…Full details can be found on the NTU website:

You said…Concerns about the effect of reduced college contact time / lockdown on students mental health

We did…During this time we have implemented ‘Togetherall’ for students to access 24/7 support online, monitored by Mental Health professionals. The Student Services Team continue to facilitate drop in sessions and forums via MS Teams, as well as the full range of support services. Online Mental Health workshops have also been scheduled for Jan 2021 on the Events and Community MS Teams group.

You said…Students cannot always access the software they need (Adobe, Logic etc) and it’s very expensive to purchase for use at home

We did…For Windows applications, we have provided a remote access solution to be able to log onto Confetti workstations from home. Please talk to tutors or go to For Macs, there isn’t an equivalent option, however students can look at alternative software for their own computers, e.g. Adobe, Reaper, Studio One, etc.

You said…Students feel more part of a community at Confetti rather than NTU

We did…Katya Senior – Confetti’s elected ‘Academic School Officer’ will be working to improve the below areas:
1. Raising NTSU’s presence on the Confetti Campus
2. Cross-course collaboration opportunities across the year
3. Ensuring Wed afternoons are kept clear for NTU events/societies

Confetti’s School Champion will be promoting NTU and NTSU activity to Confetti students. NTSU’s CEO and Confetti management will continue to regularly meet.

You said…Some students said it wasn’t clear where students can or can’t go to eat food during breaks (all sites)

We did…We ask that people using the café seating area have either food from the café or their own packed lunch. Students can however take food to the common room (behind CMG reception) or the Metronome bar area. Some classrooms are also allowing food to be consumed in them.

We are always happy to hear from our students with any issues they may be having around our campus, so be sure to talk to your Course Representative if you think anything needs fixing and we’ll make sure it gets sorted.

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