You said, we did – degree students

Thursday May 5, 2022

At Confetti, we’re all about keeping our students engaged and motivated in their learning. If there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have Course Representatives to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said… Can we establish closer links with NTU and HE only events?

We did… There are 100’s of societies, events and opportunities advertised on the NTSU website and NTU’s City Campus is only a short walk away. New NTSU weekly and fortnightly events are now held onsite in our DMH building. External trips and visits including ‘Go Ape’ are also available. Please visit the following link to view and book your places


You said… Students are not getting news of what’s going on campus? We’re missing HE Student Notices

We did… HE Student Notices is now up and running and should be delivered to all groups by your course tutors in your weekly sessions. Student Notices contains important announcements, student opportunities and events


You said… Can Metronome be open during the day for tea, coffee, drinks and snacks?

We did… The expanded future use of Metronome bar is actively being reviewed with the intention of an expanded and permanent offer coming into fruition for the new 22/23 academic year


You said… Can we have notice boards outside studios 1 and 2 for student collaborative messages and opportunities?

We did… A new MS Teams site has been set-up for this very purpose which will maximise the number of views and potential collaboration opportunities for all students. There’s been some fantastic activity ever since its start-up and regular posts continue

MS Teams link – HE Music Performance/Tech/Media/Games


You said… Can we get some sofas in the common room at Space 2?

We did… Yes, the sofas will return after the Easter break. These have been in storage for a while and will need to be professionally cleaned first


You said… Can we have more water fountains?

We did… We have water fountains ready to be installed once a plumber has installed the pipe work. This is due over the Easter break.

You said… Can you extend the shutdown warning in rooms booked after 6pm to enable students ample time to save or upload work?

We did… The computer shutdown is now at 9pm


You said… What’s the policy on hot drinks in classrooms?

We did… No food or drink should be consumed in any teaching space by staff or students, unless its bottled water


You said… Do we have access to NTU counselling services?

We did… Yes, students do have access to counselling where appropriate.  There is a criteria which is devised by NTU.  For further information and advice, students can book a support meeting with Confetti’s Student Services Team (SST)


You said… The Café food is of a good standard, but some students want the service and food to be made available for a longer period

We did… The café has extended opening hours and is now available for free tea and toast in the morning until 9:30am


You said… There have been reports of faulty vending machines in the DMH building.  Items can be selected, but card payments not accepted? It’s not clear who to report this to?

We did… Please report any issues to the Hospitality team (in the café) who can follow this up with our third-party company


You said… Can the café provide the free coffee in disposable cups so students can take the drinks out?

We did… We are working on the cost of the offer and it would be unsustainable for our carbon impact as we work towards accreditation of ISO14001


You said… Wi-Fi access issues are ongoing for some students, some didn’t see the Eduroam guidance email

We did… There are many useful pages on our website for students. For specific guidance on how to access Eduroam across all sites please visit

This list contains some of this term’s highlights, for the full list of improvements, please check your student email.