Games Art student Aleigha Glover’s story

A combination of developing her drawing skills and enjoying her course family has resulted in a fantastic year for Aleigha. Find out how she has made it at Confetti.

game art student aleigha

My reason for choosing Confetti:

Originally I wanted to work as a police officer, but then I started enjoying my drawing more and more and thought I may be able to do something with it as a career. I have some friends who came here and recommended Confetti to me to. At first, my mum wasn’t sure that games was a viable career path – but now she sees how much I’m loving it and now I’m thinking about studying on the BA (Hons) Games Art course here which she is really pleased about!

My favourite experience last year:

I think the main thing that I’ve loved about Confetti is how much of a close-knit group us students are. My course really does feel like a family, and our tutors really make lessons fun while still teaching us lots. My work has honestly come on leaps and bounds while I’ve been here – I look back at drawings I was doing a year ago and can barely recognise them.

My support from Confetti:

The support is one of the best things about Confetti, I think. I struggle with anxiety, and I’ve had so much help from tutors and other staff members, helping me enrol with CAMHS and checking in with me regularly. If you come to Confetti, you won’t ever feel alone – there’s always someone, or a whole team, looking out for you.

My favourite piece of kit used on the course:

We work on graphics tablets here, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to pen and paper now. They’re so great to use, and my drawings are more finessed – plus I can erase bits much more easily when I change my mind on an element of a character or scene. I’ve even bought myself one now!

My story next year:

I’m planning to study BA (Hons) Games Art. I’d love to work abroad for a bit, too – perhaps in Japan as they do amazing games art over there!

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