You said, we did – college students

Thursday May 5, 2022

At Confetti, we want to make sure our students are engaged and motivated at all times, so if there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have the QDP survey and student forum to allow our college-level students to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

This list contains some of this term’s highlights, for the full list of improvements, please check your student email.

You said… Students are asking for specific dates for Confetti X. Students would like an update on what’s happening and maybe a time frame for completion

We did… We’re working on a producing an update for students, make sure you follow us on social channels for more news


You said… Students would like an update on pronoun badges. They would like a poster displayed in reception alerting that these are available

We did… This has been advertised in Student Notices since December and now appears around campus on screens. We also have LGBTQ+ lanyards available from the Student Services Team (SST) near main reception


You said… Students would like to input into the ‘Do it For Real’ session content

We did… If you would like to help inform, contribute or develop the DIFR (PDEDI 20min) content then please email A number of student consultation dates have been setup and we would most welcome your input in a forum that allows dedicated time to this area


You said… Students would like more water dispensers around the building

We did… We have water fountains ready to be installed once a plumber has installed the pipe work. This is due over the Easter break


You said… Can students receive warnings in advance of fire alarms/drills?

We did… All students should be aware that every Tuesday between 8am-10am there is a fire test, but advance warnings of fire drills can’t be issued


You said… Students would like individual sanitary items to be made available, not just the packs

We did… There are now ‘loose’ items in addition to the packs at the front of SST in the basket


You said… Some students were unaware of the gender-neutral toilets available in DMH on the third floor. Students have asked for better signage.

We did… Toilets and room locations are clearly signposted near each set of stairs. The non-gendered toilets on the third floor are labelled ‘WC’


You said… Has Discord been blocked?

We did… The use of Discord onsite raises a safeguarding issue due to the inappropriate content.  Discord is available in spaces where it is needed for coursework


You said… Some of the hand sanitiser units are not working in reception, café and second floor of the DMH building

We did… This was a battery issue and should now be resolved