You said, we did – college students

Sunday March 24, 2019

At Confetti, we want to make sure our students are engaged and motivated at all times, so if there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have the QDP survey and student forum to allow our college-level students to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said…We would like to see student work on display in Confetti HQ.

We did…Pieces of student work are now on display and there are plans for more in the near future.

You said…The signage in Confetti HQ is lacking and confusing.

We did…New signage has been added, including floor numbers.

You said…We would like to see more multi-cultural food in the student café.

We did…The menu has been updated and there will be other multi-cultural food on offer.

You said…We can’t always access the Wi-Fi.

We did…Instructions have been shared with students, making it easier to access the Wi-Fi.

You said…How do we access support in the LRC?

We did…The LRC have emailed tutors and students, detailing what support is available and how to access it.

You said…Water machines are often empty.

We did…These are filled regularly and the Estates team will keep a close eye on levels.

You said…Confetti HQ looks a little dull and needs more colour.

We did…There are several plants placed around the building, with furthers plans to brighten up Confetti HQ.

You said…19% of students were not made aware of the complaints procedure.

We did…The complaints policy has been emailed to all students.

You said…9% of students do not know what to do if they need help.

We did…Student Services now appear on the front page of Moodle and a mini induction is taking place in term 2.

You said…11% of students are not aware of their targets.

We did…All tutors have been reminded to send tutorial targets to students immediately after their tutorial.

You said…17% of students didn’t have a scheduled 1:1 with their tutor.

We did…All tutors have been reminded to schedule termly tutorials with their tutor group at the start of each term.

You said…9% of students feel that assessments are not made clear to them.

We did…Tutors received training on assessment methods in December 2018.

You said…We need better access to Metronome and need the lift to work.

We did…The main entrance now provides access to all classrooms in the basement and the lift can now be used.

You said…It is difficult to get access to the lift in Confetti HQ.

We did…Students can request access from the reception staff or their tutor.

You said….We would like targets to be set around employment.

We did…A revised tutorial process (starting in Term 2) now focuses on progression to employment and HE.

You said…We would like more vending machines.

We did…We have new vending machines that are fully stocked.

We are always happy to hear from our students with any issues they may be having around our campus, so be sure to bring anything to the student forum if you think anything needs fixing and we’ll make sure it gets sorted. You will also have the opportunity to do the QDP survey and raise any concerns then, too.