You said, we did – college students

Sunday June 20, 2021

At Confetti, we want to make sure our students are engaged and motivated at all times, so if there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have the QDP survey and student forum to allow our college-level students to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said…Some FE students cant access the vending machines in Metronome

We did…Students can access the vending machines through the back doors to the side lift in Metronome

You said…Space 2 to Covid Test Centre is too far and students feel this is cutting into their lesson time

We did…Testing ceases in June.  Home tests will be distributed

You said…Students are feeling a general lack of motivation due to lockdown

We did…The Student Services Team (SST) have started running regular motivation sessions. Students just need to ask their tutors to add you to the program. An email has been sent to learners to help with motivation. This has also been shown in ‘Student Notices’ and on social media.

You said…Parrall Client software allows student to access all software from Confetti computers from home off a student’s laptop. Students are struggling to use this software due to their Wi-Fi connection at home. Students have raised this with tutors.

We did…IT have provided a document to tutors explaining problems that students might come across. Wi Fi was one of them. IT recommend students use an Ethernet cable to reduce the latency that makes connections feel ‘laggy’. IT will provide this document out again as some students mentioned they have not seen this particular document.

You said…Support sessions could be on more days. Tutors had set up support sessions for assignments during the half term break before, learners would like more of these set-up in the future

We did…Course Leaders are currently planning on how they can offer additional support sessions while still following Covid guidelines.

You said…Some students are struggling to view tutor presentations caused by internet problems, with many having streaming issues. Reps have asked if resources could be made available beforehand so students can access documents and follow along

We did…Course Leaders have been asked to record sessions and provide resources via email/Moodle to students where appropriate.

You said…Students are concerned about the effect of reduced college contact time / lockdown on students mental health

We did…During this time we have implemented ‘Togetherall’ for students to access 24/7 support online, monitored by Mental Health professionals. The Student Services Team continue to facilitate drop in sessions and forums via MS Teams, as well as the full range of support services. Online Mental Health workshops have also been scheduled for Jan 2021 on the Events and Community MS Teams group.

You said…Students cannot always access the software they need (Adobe, Logic etc) and it’s very expensive to purchase for use at home

We did…For Windows applications, we have provided a remote access solution to be able to log onto Confetti workstations from home. Please talk to tutors or go to For Macs, there isn’t an equivalent option, however students can look at alternative software for their own computers, e.g. Adobe, Reaper, Studio One, etc.

You said…Some students said it wasn’t clear where students can or can’t go to eat food during breaks (all sites)

We did…We ask that people using the café seating area have either food from the café or their own packed lunch. Students can however take food to the common room (behind CMG reception) or the Metronome bar area. Some classrooms are also allowing food to be consumed in them.

You said…How do students report technical issues e.g. Wi-Fi connections issues or broken items in rooms?

We did…Please report issues to your tutor, who will log them on the our ‘Helpdesk’ system

You said…Could we raise staff/student awareness for ‘Sunflower’ badge wearers? (Hidden disabilities/Mental Health)?

We did…In Confetti we are supplying wristbands and badges for use for those with hidden disabilities, additional support needs or health conditions. This has been promoted in Student Notices and messaging and in staff communications.

You said…Request that Confetti use correct contact details on all forms of student correspondence to avoid ‘Dead naming’

We did…From December 2020, once a student is enrolled our Management Information Service (MIS) team will use students ‘Known as’ name’ for the following reports and correspondence:
• Progress Report
• Scan Report
• Tutorial Reports

You said…Better promotion of ‘Study Zone’ sessions

We did…Study Zone sessions are promoted to all new students as part of their college induction. Study Zone sessions are currently promoted on Teams, emailed to students and advertised in ‘Student Notices’. Student Notices are delivered by your course tutors in one of your weekly sessions. In normal times Study Zone sessions are also displayed on screens in the LRC.

You said…Can the café bring back pizza rolls?

We did…The kitchen team have been informed and we will bring them onto the menus at some point in the new year.

We are always happy to hear from our students with any issues they may be having around our campus, so be sure to bring anything to the student forum if you think anything needs fixing and we’ll make sure it gets sorted. You will also have the opportunity to do the QDP survey and raise any concerns then, too.

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