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We’re back at Splendour in 2017!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll once again be a main sponsor of Nottingham’s favourite festival, Splendour – taking place this year on Saturday 22 July!

You can expect a lot to be happening all over Wollaton Park – including our Confetti stage powered by Nottingham Trent University.

We’re on board again this year, following a successful seven-year partnership with Splendour which sees our students gaining invaluable industry insight working across many aspects of the festival from crewing to recording the performances for Notts TV.

Last year’s Splendour Festival was a record-breaker for Confetti in terms of student engagement. We had over 70 students from across both our college and degree courses working in over 130 different roles – meaning they could gain experience in various aspects of festival production throughout the day. Altogether our students undertook over 1200 hours of work experience during Splendour 2016! And there’s many reasons to be excited for 2017 as we’re looking to top that record!

Want to find out how to Do It For Real and work at Splendour next year? Check out our college courses and degree courses now.

Headliner announcement alert!

This year multiple Brit award winning band Kaiser Chiefs will be headlining the festival and there will be more big names announced soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Splendour website for more information and keep checking the Confetti website and Facebook page for updates on who will perform on our Confetti stage.

The Yorkshire quintet are the first of over 40 acts announced to perform at the city’s biggest summer day out at Wollaton Park, and winner of ‘Best Festival’ at the 2016 Live UK Business Awards. With an amazing back catalogue of six albums, including the Brit Award winning ‘Employment’, expect a set of huge sing-along anthems including I Predict a Riot, Oh My God and UK number one single Ruby.

Kaiser Chiefs said: “We’re really looking forward to performing at Splendour. We know the crowd and the setting will make for an unforgettable atmosphere.”

George Akins, owner, DHP Family, said: “Following the biggest ever Splendour last year, we’re delighted to announce Kaiser Chiefs as 2017 headliners. The award-winning band has an amazing back catalogue as well as a great new album out. I can’t wait to see over 20,000 people at Splendour singing along to what is sure to be a real belter of a set.”

Performing at Hockley Hustle… Guy’s Story

Hockley Hustle 2016

On Sunday 9 October the Hockley Hustle blessed Nottingham with some of the best musical talent the city has to offer, so it was only fair we provided the best talent we have at Confetti to open our stage at GameCity. We caught up with Guy Ellerton, winner of the Confetti Competition which gave him the opportunity to perform at the Hustle, after the festival…

So Guy, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve just completed my first year here at Confetti studying Music Performance and Songwriting. I got the chance to perform at the Hockley Hustle through a competition set up by Confetti at the National Videogame Arcade, where we had to play a set to the best of our ability. After performing I found out I’d won and the feeling was amazing because I knew the prize was performing at the festival – an opportunity like that doesn’t come round often.

What sparked your interest for music and more importantly performing?

I’ve always been interested in music however, I only first started playing guitar four years ago after seeing my dad, uncle and cousin play guitar together. Not only did I want to join in, but I wanted to perform at the level they were at. Luckily for me playing the guitar seemed to just click, and I found it easy to pick up, quickly perfecting new and different techniques. I’m a very competitive person so I was motivated by wanting to become better and better.

Performing however was a different matter. I was very shy in this area and would often just sing to myself, until my uncle convinced me to sing in front of him. He was engaged at the time and my performance to him led to me performing at his wedding. After constant practice I could feel myself becoming more confident, with my performances improved dramatically. Playing at the wedding was amazing – the crowd’s response after singing was incredible and I received a lot of helpful feedback. After that day everything seemed to just flow – I was performing at more gigs, constantly improving to the level I’m at today.

Guy Ellerton
Pictured: Guy Ellerton

How has Confetti helped with your career?

Studying here has definitely developed my skills, helping me learn a lot about my music, mainly with my guitar and various playing styles through the different performance levels! Receiving constant constructive criticism from tutors has aided the development of my temperament within music, something I struggled with before. This has improved my ability to sing and play, taking me to new heights I didn’t think I’d reach in such a short amount of time.

Tell us about your experience being at Hockley Hustle?

It was a great experience and one I’d recommend to anyone who’s given the chance. A fair few people attended my opening set, such as people from the NTSU Music Society, which made it very enjoyable for me. I received a lot of positive feedback afterwards, making the whole event a positive learning curve and I hope to get many more opportunities like this in the future.

What was the best thing about performing there?

Confetti at Hockley Hustle 2016

It’s hard to single out one thing, but if I had to choose one then it has to be the atmosphere around Hockley. It was so different to how Hockley usually is and it made the whole performance that extra bit better – playing in front of a crowd with such a good vibe made it hard to stop when my set was over.

Have you got any advice for any students wanting to get into performing and songwriting?

For me, the key to songwriting follows two rules. The first is to practice as much as possible – when you run a dirty tap, water is going to flow out dirty, but the longer you run it for, the more the tap will clean, and the cleaner the water will get. When you start writing songs, you’ll write some awful songs, I wrote some terrible songs, but with practice you’ll get so much better.

The second thing is to make sure you write your own thing – make it real to what’s happening in your life and write what you want to listen too. This lets you develop your own musical style, adding emotion and feeling people can relate to. With performance, it’s kind of the same thing, it’s all about practicing and being confident in what you’re doing because if you look like your enjoying yourself, so will everyone else! The final key aspect of performing is to engage with the crowd as much as possible, making them feel as involved as you are in the performance.

Confetti at Hockley Hustle 2016

If you want to see how Confetti got on at the Hustle, check out our article covering the day. If these opportunities interest you, check out the Music Performance and Songwriting course along with our other FE and HE courses and book a place at our open days today!

An Action Packed Trip for our VFX Students


This week our HE Visual Effects students have the opportunity to go to Bournemouth for the Visual Effects, Animation and Games Festival – showcasing the best games, films and animations from 2016. They’re also checking out the visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic, founded by George Lucas, and Frame Store who’ve worked on blockbuster hits like the Harry Potter series and Gravity.

The students are travelling tonight and will wake up tomorrow to visit the CORE day of Bournemouth’s Visual Effects, Animation and Games Festival (BFX) during which they will be meeting some of the leading visual effects companies. They’ll also get the chance to see an evening screening of the film that won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects this year. Read on to find out more about the BFX and the CORE event…

What is the BFX?

The BFX was set up to celebrate the visual effects, computer games and animation industry, showcasing the very best, hoping to attract the next generation and share the latest knowledge. The festival opened in 2012 to show off the creative industries, but to also highlight the amazing new talent coming through in the UK as well as to inspire the next wave of talent. It has been hugely successful, gaining loads of support and now has some amazing partners including; Double Negative,Framestore, Moving Picture Company, The Mill, Cinesite, Creative Skillset and BAFTA.

What’s going on this year?

This year’s festival programme promises to provide loads of variety, as well as a fantastic line up featuring the creative minds involved in Finding Dory, The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Let’s take a look at this years events…


BFX PRO returns with a great line-up of panel discussions and poster sessions aimed to showcase the latest innovations and practices from the creative industries over the past year. Guest speakers focus around the theme ‘Tomorrow’s Innovation in the Creative Industries’ and will provide an insight into the industry. Rob Pieke of MPC who worked on The Jungle Book will present an overview of the technology and work flow improvements which allowed the design to match the directors beautiful vision for the jungle, as well as managing the complexity of over 1200 shots. Check out the 2016 line up to see who else is part of this amazing event.



This unique four day programme is aimed at students, professionals and hobbyiests, featuring some fantastic speakers from the top studios around the globe – presentations, screenings, workshops and a career hub will provide insight into behind the screens activities of some of the biggest films, television series, commercials, games and software. Our VFX students will be meeting with Pixar, Blue Zoo, Frame Store and Cineaste to see their recent work on their latest projects – Cineaste talk about the making of Independence Day. They’ll also watch an evening Screening of Alex Garland’s Ex Machina with a Q&A with the team behind the visual effects.

Thursday’s visit to Soho in London

The students will wake up on Thursday for the return journey back to Confetti but not before they travel to Soho in London to visit the offices of two highly rated visual effects companies who’ve worked on many blockbuster movies. They’ll get the chance to meet their teams to speak about the work they do and their recent projects. The visit will give our students an insight into the VFX industry and tips on how to boost their career prospects.

Industrial Light & Magic

George Lucas founded ILM in 1975 as a division of his film company Lucasfilm. It is considered the leading industry-standard production house for computer graphics in film. Our students will look at the work the company has produced, including the first partially computer-generated main character, the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day; the first computer-generated photo-realistic hair and fur (used for the digital lion and monkeys) in Jumanji; and the first computer generated character to have a full human anatomy, Imhotep in The Mummy.

Frame Store

Gravity: images courtesy of Warner Bros. Films and Framestore

Frame Store are a British company who specialise in visual effects and work across several different areas of the media: feature films, commercials, music videos, feature animation and digital. In 2008, they won their first Oscar for Best Digital Effects on The Golden Compass. For the film Gravity, it took the team three years to complete the techniques realised by VFX supervisor Tim Webber. The film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 86th Academy Awards. Our students will look at the day to day running of the company, as well as the latest projects they’ve worked on including their latest project – studying the behaviour of a live fish to explain, in visual terms, the water-resistant properties of the new £5 bank note material.

Brian Hurst, the Visual Effects course leader believes the trip will be very beneficial to the students. He said:

“From this trip the students will be returning to Confetti with a head full of dreams and a newly invigorated desire to succeed in the realm of Visual Effects and Post Production.”

We hope our staff and students have an amazing time and remember, anyone can go to the BFX festival so if you fancy a trip down south it’s highly recommended and something you won’t regret!

If you’re interested in studying VFX at Confetti check out our FE and HE VFX courses and book an open day today.

Confetti at Splendour Festival – Do It For Real

On one of the hottest days of 2016, 21,000 people gathered in Wollaton Park for Splendour Festival. Nottingham’s biggest outdoor event celebrated its ninth year on Saturday 23 July 2016 with performances from Jamie Lawson, UB40 and Jess Glynne amongst many others.

Confetti was once again a main sponsor and our students worked alongside our technical teams to help bring Splendour festival to life. The Confetti Stage hosted big names, such as The Fratellis, The Rifles and headline act The Darkness, whilst Confetti-band Super Furniture opened the main stage after winning the Future Sound of Nottingham accolade.


Over 70 Confetti students

Over 130 opportunities

Over 1200 work experience hours

Our students were working around the clock both in the days leading up to the festival and throughout the day to make sure stages were set and some of the world’s biggest names in music were ready to grace the stage. The Live & Technical Events students spent the day setting up marquees and controlling the behind-the-scenes technology, while our TV & Film Production students covered the entire event through filming and photography, and worked with our industry partner Notts TV to film and record all the backstage action.

Industry experience lies at the heart of our courses, offering our ambitious talented students many chances to get real industry experience during their studies and Splendour 2016 was the perfect opportunity for our students to Do It for Real. Andy King, Music & Events Curriculum Leader spoke of the importance of such opportunities for our students: “The experience that our students gain through Splendour is invaluable in their development as industry practitioners and a perfect example of Confetti’s ‘Do it for Real’ ethos.”

This year’s Splendour Festival was also a record-breaker for Confetti in terms of student engagement. We had over 70 students from across both Further and Higher education courses working in over 130 different roles – meaning they could gain experience in various aspects of festival production throughout the day. Altogether our students undertook over 1200 hours of work experience during Splendour Festival 2016 making it our most successful year to date!

We're back at Splendour 2017

We’re excited to announce that we’ll once again be a main sponsor of Nottingham’s favourite festival, Splendour – taking place this year on Saturday 22 July!

You can expect a lot to be happening all over Wollaton Park – including our Confetti stage powered by Nottingham Trent University.

We’re on board again this year, following a successful seven-year partnership with Splendour which sees our students gaining invaluable industry insight working across many aspects of the festival from crewing to recording the performances for Notts TV. Read more.

Want to work with us at Splendour? Find out more about our Further Education and Higher Education courses and apply now.

Celebrate 2016 – What’s On?

Celebrate-web-bannerWith the end of term just around the corner, we’re hosting an exhibition to celebrate the amazing work of our FE students over this academic year.

This year we’ve taken over the Creative Quarter to showcase the work of our students – see the schedule and map below to find your way around.

Broadway Cinema 9.30am – 3pm

Start your day at Broadway Cinema and enjoy our Celebrate ‘Short Film Festival’ – screening the best work from our TV, Film & Acting students.

National Videogame Arcade 12pm – 3pm

When you’re ready to move on, stroll up to The National Videogame Arcade for some interactive game play and to see our students’ Digital Media, VFX and Gaming work.

Nottingham Arts Theatre 2pm – 5pm

Just a short walk away at Nottingham Arts Theatre, we’ll be celebrating the Music Performance course with a great gig line-up and a chance to see our Technical Events students in action.

Do you want to be exhibiting at next year’s Celebrate and start your career within the creative industries? Read more about how to join our creative courses here.

And the winner is…

Confetti Degree Showcase

Congratulations to our Confetti Degree Show Awards Nominees 2015. We’ve been announcing them all via Confetti’s Facebook page over the last few days and now the nominees are all in!

Students who have excelled throughout their studies have been nominated by their tutors and the category winners will be presented with their award at a special ceremony taking place following the degree show on Thursday 11 June. The nominees are:

Games Technology

Achievement in Game Concept

Jess Parry
Raheem Johnson
Tom Abbot

Achievement in 3D

Dale Williams
Lee Fox
Tom Honeybell

Achievement in Games Audio

Rhianne Murphy
Dale Williams
Chris Platt

Achievement in Level Design

Tom Honeybell
Lee Sanby
Dale Williams

Music Technology

Achievement in Audio Engineering

Jake Sharpe
Thomas Cotton
Rory Wallace

Award for Academic Achievement

Alexander Midgely
Matthew Hunt
Rory Wallace

Best Music Production (voted for by the public)

Visitors will be able to listen to all entries and then vote for their favourite at the Degree Show. The vote closes at 6:45pm on the day and the top three are shortlisted, with the winner being revealed at the evening awards ceremony. Use hashtag ‪#‎ConfettiMade on Twitter throughout the day.‬

TV and Film

Best Short Film

Michael Jobling
Damien Ebanks
Richard Minkley

Achievement in Picture Editing

Richard Minkley
Elliot Bastiani
Laura O’Dwyer

Achievement in Sound Design

Richard Minkley
Gemma Rowe
Michael Jobling

Best Client-Led Production

Liam Parnham
Zara Zabair
Emma Bowley

Student of the Year Awards

Student Ambassador of the Year

George Patchett
John Alexander

FdSc Games Technology Student of the year

Rhianne Murphy
Tom Honeybell
Will Gray

FdSc Music Technology Student of the year

Thomas Cotton
Matthew Hunt
Jake Sharpe

BSc Audio and Recording Technology Student of the Year

Rory Smith
Jake Smith
Rory Wallace

FdSc TV and Film Student of the Year

Gemma Rowe
Allan Njanji
Richard Minkley

Confetti Student of the Year

To be announced on the night!

All winners will be announced at the Degree Awards Show Thursday 11 June, from 7pm.

Booked your free place for the Degree Show yet? This year we are open to the public during the day. Book now here.

Confetti team up with Detonate Festival 2015!

Detonate Festival

Confetti are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring a stage at Detonate Festival at the end of May featuring none other than grime artist Kano, Mike Skinner of the Streets, Scorzayzee and Klashnekoff.

Nottingham’s biggest underground and electronic dance music festival takes place on May 30th and will include the Confetti Stage, situated near the lake at the scenic location of Colwick Country Park.

Confetti students will be amongst the crowd and many will have a chance to help out behind the scenes on the day with the planning and implementation of the event. With more than 40 acts, across 4 stages, this one is not to be missed!

Rap legend Nas is headlining the day with his performance of ‘Illmatic’ and will be joined by the likes of David Rodigan, Roni Size, Ame, Dusky, Sub Focus, Skepta, Sigma, Camo & Krooked, Shy FX and Wilkinson to name just a few. So if you’re a fan of hip-hop, drum and bass, grime or underground and electronic dance music, there’s only one place to be on Saturday 30th May. Get your tickets now here.

We’re also giving one Confetti student the chance to DJ a whole set on stage in front of thousands to warm up the crowd before the artists come out! You can enter your mix here.

Detonate provides a fantastic example of the hands-on experience that Confetti students get while studying with us. Want to find out how to #DoWhatIDo and study a music course with us in Nottingham? Check out our College Courses and Foundation Degrees now.

Confetti teams up with Splendour Festival 2015!

Splendour Festival Nottingham 2015

Confetti are proud to announce we will once again have a stage at this year’s Splendour Festival following the huge success of last summer’s celebration in Wollaton Park.

Confetti students and staff will be among thousands due to attend this year’s Splendour on Saturday 18th July. Our students are preparing to work around the clock to make sure the stages are set for some of the world’s biggest names in music including the likes of The Specials, Bananarama, Jess Glynne, Lawson and Roots Manuva.

Confetti’s technical events students will be setting up marquees and controlling the behind-the-scenes technology at the massive event, while our TV & Film students will also provide coverage of the entire festival. Splendour 2015 is set to be one of the biggest days out of the Nottingham summer calendar and Confetti are proud to be sponsoring the spectacle for a fifth consecutive year.

Splendour provides a fantastic example of the hands-on experience that Confetti students get while studying with us. Want to find out how to #DoWhatIDo and work at Splendour next year? Check out our College Courses and Foundation Degrees now.

Tickets for this summer’s Splendour Festival are available now. Get your tickets here.

Full line-up below

Splendour Festival 2015 line-up

Professor Green at #IW15 “All it takes is one song.”

Professor Green

Concluding an incredible Industry Week at Confetti, Professor Green took students through his music industry career, offering insights into his success and passing on the advice learned through his years as a musician.

Stephen Paul Manderson, better known by his stage name Professor Green, is an English rapper and singer-songwriter. He rose to success upon winning the inaugural JumpOff MySpace £50,000 battle rap tournament in July 2008. In the year that followed he worked with Lily Allen on her 2009 concert tour.

After touring with Lily Allen, Green was signed to Virgin Records and released I Need You Tonight featuring Ed Drewett. He also joined up with Allen on his second single Just Be Good to Green.

Professor Green’s debut album, Alive Till I’m Dead, which features guest vocals from Lily Allen, Emeli Sandé, Fink, Labrinth and Example, as well as The Streets, was released in July 2010. He followed this with the album At Your Inconvenience in October 2011.

Professor Green Industry Week Confetti

Pro Green started off by explaining how he got into music through rap battles, playing a clip of one of his early bouts. “It would have gone so much better if I didn’t fall off the stage,” he joked. “Although it was while taking part in battles and finding my own style in 2006 that I was signed to The Beats.”

Pro Green’s battle with depression is well documented and following his father’s suicide in 2008, he admits that he struggled. His account was refreshingly honest, explaining that ‘the music industry can have its ups and downs’ and that ‘sometimes it can just be about sitting down and unloading’. “I see a therapist and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about”, he says. “It’s good to talk and get things out.”

While discussing the various sponsorships he’s been involved with (such as energy drink – ‘Relentless’) Green explained that there’s not always a lot of money coming in through the record label and that, ‘you have to be creative’.

Professor Green

This theme of creativity continued as he spoke about the importance of social media. “YouTube is a great platform to launch your career and sometimes all it takes is a tweet.”

In fact, this is exactly how 2010 collaboration Just be good to Green with Lily Allen came about. “It was literally a twitter message”, he admits.

As the talk concluded, Green gave some good advice to the crowd’s aspiring musicians, explaining that it’s vital to ‘always keep contacts’ and also to ‘be ready for some rejection’.

The key to Professor Green’s success? “Work hard at something you love and to continue to enjoy the journey. All it ever takes is one song.”

GameCity live broadcast

GameCity 8

It’s that time of the year again when the UK’s best-loved video games festival, GameCity, takes centre stage. This week you’ll be given the chance to get involved in GameCity workshops which will be broadcast live onto the Guardian website! As part of the eighth GameCity festival, the Antenna restaurant and bar will play host to exciting daily activities running from 12pm-2pm. The lunchtime events will be hosted by the Guardian’s Games Editor, Keith Stuart, and will showcase the very best in the future of gaming and technology.

A specially designed GameCity lunch will be available and will be served at 1230pm ready for the broadcast to start at 1pm. This is your chance to take part in an exciting event which brings together gaming talent from around the globe! Grill the panel, find out about the latest innovations in games design and games development and network with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The live broadcast takes places every day this week from 12pm.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Antenna reception on 0115 993 2350 or speak to your tutors.