You said, we did – degree students

Wednesday March 13, 2019


At Confetti, we’re all about keeping our students engaged and motivated in their learning. If there’s anything that’s stopping students from being able to work to the best of their abilities, we want to know about it! That’s why we have Course Representatives to keep us in the loop about anything we could improve around the campus.

You said…The cable trays in C502 are too sharp.

We did…These have now been replaced.

You said…We need lockers in C501.

We did…The lockers have been fitted and are ready to use.

You said…Some pipes and air conditioning units have been leaking.

We did…These have now been fixed.

You said…We can’t access the AES journal.

We did…Confetti students can now access this and instructions have been added to the NOW.

You said…Students would like to know more about the ‘Safe Taxis Scheme’.

We did…Information has been shared on the NOW.

You said…We would like to see student work on display in Confetti HQ.

We did…Pieces of student work are now on display and there are plans for more in the near future.

You said…Water machines are often empty.

We did…These are filled regularly and the Estates team will keep a close eye on levels.

You said…Are there any rooms with PCs in that students can book?

We did…From 6pm-9pm, rooms in Confetti HQ can be booked.

You said…There are not enough vegetarian options in the student café.

We did…Vegetarian options are now available every day in the student café.

You said…Some classrooms in Confetti HQ need blinds to stop the sun shining in on the screens.

We did…Blinds were fitted on Friday 11 January.

You said…There is only one toilet in Metronome.

We did…Additional toilets are now open on the ground floor.

You said…We need better access to Metronome.

We did…From Monday 14 January, the main entrance will provide wheelchair access to all rooms in the basement.

You said…We need to be able to book rooms until 10pm.

We did…Metronome is available until 10pm on a Wednesday, and Space2 is available until 10pm on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

You said…There is no soya milk in the student café.

We did…Soya milk is available every day!

You said…We would like more options for buying bottles drinks and other snacks.

We did…We have new vending machines that are fully stocked.

You said…There are issues with the MIDI keyboards in the editing suites.

We did…The keyboards have been fixed.

You said….Studio 1 is missing a drum stool.

We did…The studio now has a new drum stool.

You said…Room names on Connect2 are incorrect.

We did…The room names have been updated.

You said…It is difficult to get access to the lift in Confetti HQ.

We did…Students can request access from the reception staff or their tutor.

We are always happy to hear from our students with any issues they may be having around our campus, so be sure to talk to your Course Representative if you think anything needs fixing and we’ll make sure it gets sorted.