Confetti Students Launch New Charity Festival

Monday April 22, 2024

Students from a range of courses and levels have teamed up to plan and create an exciting, new music festival showcasing a range of local talent, whilst raising funds for charity. The New Currents Festival is taking place on Sunday 5 May from 1pm at the Big Shed and is open to everyone aged 18 and above.

Student Involvement

The event has given students the chance to step into professional roles, gaining hands-on experience in event planning. From MA Event Management students taking charge of artist & press liaison and logistics, to BA Music Performance students supporting with marketing, as well as MA Content Creation students who will be capturing the action as event photographer and videographers. Plus, on the day of the festival, students from Event Production will be working behind the scenes, running the lighting and sound.

Emerson Nunez Santos, MA Event Management student, who worked on artist liaison for the event, said:

“Working on the New Currents Festival has given me experience on how to approach the UK know-how in the concert industry. It’s an amazing experience to get hands-on and current industry knowledge.”


Fellow classmate, Lewis Wheatley-Smith, involved in the Live Video Content for the event, added:

“The process has been a different experience as we are essentially establishing an annual event for the first time. It’s great to be a part of something like this.”


Cali Green, BA Music Performance student also shared:

“New Currents has given me the opportunity to work in a real life industry scenario, the skills I have developed here on this project are skills I will be able to use throughout my career.”


The lineup includes some of our talented BA Music Performance students like: Courtney, Cam Mannix, Set In Motion and Luna and the Lime Slices. They’ll be performing alongside Confetti alumni, including headliner LYVIA and artists from GOODGOODBYE. Not to mention our other headliner, Cappo, who’s not only a legendary local hip-hop artist, but also a lecturer for BA and MA Music Performance at Confetti.

This event is a fantastic celebration of all the talent in our Confetti community and across Nottingham, and everyone is welcome to join!


The festival is being run in support of Emmanuel House, a local and independent charity committed to tackling homelessness in Nottingham. While tickets are required for entry, they completely free, so there will be an opportunity for attendees to contribute directly to Emmanuel House through donations.

Rosie, part of the team at Emmanuel House, explains how these donations will make a difference:

“We’re really grateful to everyone at Confetti for choosing to support Emmanuel House. All funds raised from the festival will be used to support people experiencing homelessness in Nottingham. Our drop-in sessions meet people’s basic human needs by providing emotional support, breakfast, lunch, hot drinks, warm showers, clean clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags and tents, as well as specialist advice to do with housing and benefits.”

Book your free ticket now and support fellow students as well as an important cause!

For more updates, head to the @newcurrentsfestival Instagram page.

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