Celebrate 2024: Confetti college student showcase

Tuesday June 25, 2024

People walking around an art exhibition

Celebrate 2024 is a chance to recognise the fantastic work our college students produce throughout the academic year.

The event takes place on Thursday 11 July, 12pm-6pm. There will also be an evening showcase in Metronome, 6pm-9.30pm.

Friends and family are invited to come along to see outstanding portfolios, interactive displays and live performances, across a number of locations on our campus.

All students, friends and family need to register for free tickets:

Please note: you will not receive physical or digital tickets for the daytime event. If you register for the evening performance you will get a digital ticket from Eventbrite.

All subjects will be represented in the following spaces:

What’s next? Progression and careers advice drop-in

Metronome: Seminar Room – 12pm-5pm

Higher Education presentation

Metronome: Seminar Room – 3pm-4pm


Digital Media Hub (DMH): LRC – 12pm-4pm

Board games

Confetti X: Upstairs – 12pm-5pm


Digital Media Hub (DMH): LRC – 12pm-4pm

Awards and Work celebration

Digital Media Hub (DMH): 301, 303, 304 – 12pm-5pm

Guests – DJ Fever and MC Spyda


Digital Media Hub (DMH): C108 – 12pm-5pm


Digital Media Hub (DMH): Student Cafe – 12pm-6pm

Show Reels

Metronome Foyer: 12pm-9pm

Confetti at the Movies

Metronome: Performance 2 – 12pm-6pm

Level 3

Digital Media Hub (DMH): Motion Capture Suite – 12pm-6pm

Show Reels

Metronome Foyer: 12pm-9pm

Level 2 and Level 3 Showcase

Metronome Main Venue – 12pm-5pm

Level 3 Gig

Metronome Main Venue – 6pm-9.30pm

Student performances

Metronome: Performance 3 – 12pm-6pm

Music Producer Feedback sessions with Nick Halkes (XL Records, The Prodigy)

Metronome:  Mastering Studio – 2.30pm-4.30pm

Two of our fantastic HE lecturers, Brais Ruibal and Luke Buttery, will also be on the panel.


Metronome Bar/Atrium – 12pm-5pm

Games Tournament

Metronome Bar/Atrium – 1pm-2.30pm


Metronome Bar/Atrium – 3pm


Digital Media Hub (DMH): 208, 209, 210, 211 – 12-6pm

RS23 Awards

Digital Media Hub (DMH): 209 – 3pm

Hanging art exhibition and board games

Confetti X: Downstairs – 12pm-5pm

RS22 Awards

Confetti X: Downstairs – 5pm

Showcase and VR demos

Confetti X: Upstairs – 12pm-5pm


Confetti X: Downstairs – 5.30pm-7pm

Confetti X: Downstairs – 12pm-1pm

Smite competition

Confetti X: Downstairs – 1.30pm-5pm

NS22 (Level 3 Year 2)

Metronome: Performance 1

Our year 2 learners on the Level 3 live and technical events course have been tasked with setting up and operating this main Celebrate event in the Metronome main venue.

NS23 (Level 3 Year 1)

Metronome: Performance 3

We have given the responsibility of setting up and rigging technical events equipment to our year 1 learners for the Performance 3 electronic stage for Celebrate. Learners have been asked to volunteer their time to provide overall sound and lighting operation and control as well as event stage and production management throughout the day.