Students take part in SFX workshop with prosthetics expert Steve Best

Thursday February 13, 2020

This week, Level 2 Digital Media students took part in an SFX workshop hosted by Steve Best where they learned all about the art of prosthetics – with some seriously gory results!

In engaging students with all aspects of film-making, special effects and make-up artist Steve Best provided this group of Digital Media students with an introduction to the gory side of the subject.

Steve works for Fake Up – a Nottingham company specialising in the design and production of prosthetic wounds and other effects for film, TV and theatre productions.

Students were able to practice safely inflicting ‘injuries’ on each other under Steve’s guidance and expertise.

The students who attended the workshop commented on how much fun the session was, calling it the ‘best yet’. With reviews like these, this is a workshop we’ll be looking to run again in future!

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