Industry Week events are live – here’s how to import Eventbrite events into your calendar

Tuesday February 11, 2020

Event sign-ups for Industry Week are now live! In order to get the most out of it and not miss out on any events you want to attend, we recommended you import the events you have signed up to into your mobile calendar.

Whether you’re an Apple addict or an Android fan, you can use the Eventbrite App to make your Industry Week experience even better – here’s how!

Before you attempt to sign up to any Industry Week events, you’ll need to download the Eventbrite App from the App Store or Google Play. Make sure you sign up with the email address you are booking the tickets with – this will link the tickets to your account.

On the Industry Week website, find the event you want to sign up to and click on the ‘register’ button. This will take you to the event page which shows you the event description, date and time, and a map of the location. When you’re ready, select register.

Make sure you read the event description because some events are applications only, and others you won’t need to sign up to if you are in the compulsory groups already booked in.

You’ll have 8 minutes to fill in your information – make sure you use your correct name, the same email address, and select your cohort number. Once you check your details and everything is correct, register to book your space. Your order should now be complete!

Once you get the ‘Order complete’ screen, open your Eventbrite app and log in with your Confetti email. Select ‘Me’ and your events should be listed under ‘Ticket’. Click on the event, select ‘Add to My Calendar’ and allow Eventbrite access to your calendar.

Eventbrite will open your calendar and automatically create a new event, auto-filling the details for you. Before you add this to your calendar, double check the details are correct. When you’re happy you can add it to your calendar – it should now appear like the image on the far right!

Eventbrite Screenshot
Eventbrite Screenshot

Sign ups for Industry Week are live so make sure you’ve downloaded and signed up to the Eventbrite app because some events will be in high demand – you don’t want to miss out!