Industry Week 2020 – Day 4

Thursday March 5, 2020

We’ve reached the penultimate day of Industry Week today, and we’ve enjoyed many a good talk and inspiring demo throughout the day. Have a look at a few of the events we’ve enjoyed watching today and what the highlights have been…

Alessio Cavatore

Joined by Jack Caesar, games industry legend Alessio brought an Alexa with him to show its potential for interactivity within games; which is vast!

His command of ‘roll an eight-sided dice’ was carried out successfully by Alexa – how cool is that?

Sophie Williams

Sophie stressed the importance of showing versatility in your portfolio; something all good freelance artists need to know.

Jeremy Pritchard

Interviewed by BBC’s Dean Jackson, Jeremy Pritchard spoke to students about why he chose to play bass, having grown up playing classical cello. The freedom and possibilities of playing contemporary music on bass is what he fell in love with, and he been part of the band ‘Everything Everything’ as well as touring with ‘Foals’.

Anna Hollinrake

This talk touched on all things concept art, and students were able to take some really useful advice away for their studies – and future careers.

Nick Raphael

Nick’s stories had the audience laughing from start to finish – like the time his mum asked “When are you going to get a proper job?” after he’d signed Jay Z. His tactic for signing the best artists? He always waits for that ‘gut feeling’.

An insightful, interesting and eye-opening talk from a music industry great!

Alan McGee

The man who signed Oasis and Primal Scream took to the stage to round off a fantastic fourth day of Industry Week. It turns out his signing Oasis was “a complete flook”!

Our top takeaways? His thoughts on what makes a great rockstar, his anecdotes about the Gallagher brothers, and his friendship with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Games Expo

Students enjoyed a fantastic games expo over in Metronome – there was something for all gaming fans to enjoy.

We’ve also enjoyed talks from the BBC’s Jon Francombe, music agent Barry Dickins, The Actors Workshop’s Tim Smith, studio art manager Alexander Raphelt, Tom Dale Company and the Do It For Real Music and Media panels.

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