Industry Week 2020 – Day 3

Wednesday March 4, 2020

Look at that – it’s day 3 already! Today we’ve had yet more inspiring talks and impressive demos. Have a look at just a few of the events we’ve enjoyed watching and what the highlights have been so far…

Tori Sheard

We popped along to Tori’s first songwriting workshop, where she advised students on some of the best techniques – and things to avoid – when writing your own music.

Rosie Haigh

Rosie’s path to a career in lighting design involved study, hard work and persistence – something which the students in the audience were really encouraged by.

Andy Afford

Andy, the Managing Director of Stencil Design in Nottingham, delivered a fascinating talk to students about newsstand versus subscription for magazine sales, what makes front covers work, and explained some of the tricky decisions magazine editors have to make.

Paul Adam

Songwriter, music manager and former director of A&R at Polydor Records, Paul Adam, offered students some fantastic advice – like how it’s really important to make your Spotify account “your world”. This is valuable advice coming from the man who signed Busted and McFly!

Erol Kentli

Erol’s talk gave students a detailed insight into visual composition in games. Working for Splash Damage, his company has produced games including ‘Gears of War’, ‘Dirty Bomb’ and ‘Halo: MCC’.

Ibriz Daya

Former Confetti student Ibriz spoke to students about his work in the Esports industry; something which proved very exciting for the audience in which there were a lot of Esports fans.

His talk touched on his path from studying to getting a job, how to get experience and exposure of the Esports industry during your studies, and how to write the perfect CV to get you that first job within the industry.

Ben Parbury

Senior Software Engineer Ben gave students some valuable tips about coding for games and general game engineering. He also shared some beautiful game footage from some of the projects he’s worked on, which was a treat to watch.

We’ve also enjoyed events from Triskelle Pictures, JP Braddock, games artist Joe Tyas, mindfulness coach Bob James, designer James Hall, illustrator and designer Tess Redburn, character designer Seb Burnett, collective Sinai Sound System, Petra Mandova and even the annual King of Iron First Challenge Cup over in Antenna Bar. What a day!

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