Industry Week 2020 – Day 2

Tuesday March 3, 2020

Onto day 2, and we’ve enjoyed some more brilliant talks, demos and presentations – and even a games expo – throughout the day. Have a look at just a few of the events we’ve enjoyed watching and what the highlights have been so far…

Lucy Cooper

Lucy kicked off the day with an insightful talk about the importance of diversity within the VFX industry, closing the gap between numbers of male and female employees at her current company, and how her journey to get into a career in VFX resembled “a bit of a winding path”.

Alex Traska

Alex – Makermet’s Creative Director – delivered a fascinating talk about the changing role of ‘designer’ over the years. Did you know that years ago it was one person’s sole job to produce the decorative letter at the start of books?

Adam Redfern

Adam’s experiences of script writing for shows like ‘Paddington’ for Nickleodeon was fascinating, and he broke down the writing process in a really helpful and simple way for the audience.

We wouldn’t mind having a go ourselves!

Turbo Punch

YouTube sensations Tom, Eddie and Elliot talked students through some of their funniest moments in the industry, what a call sheet looks like, and how having a show reel is key if you want to get jobs in front of the camera.

Maggie Mojsiejuk

Maggie won Student of the Year 2019, so students were all ears during her talk where she shared her advice about how to make the most of your studies and translate them into the workplace.

It was great to see our former student back at Confetti sharing her success story so far – and we can’t wait to hear what she gets up to next!

Rhianne Murphy

Former Confetti student Rhianne not only spoke on the Do It For Real panel, but also delivered her own fantastic talk to students about how to develop your skills as a narrative designer.

Having sat where the students were just a couple of years ago, she was able to give some great pieces of advice that really resonated with the audience – and no doubt gave them inspiration!

Kim Hawes

Kim’s experiences of working with bands like Motörhead made for an insight-filled talk, as she regaled stories of her time as a Tour Manager for a number of world-famous bands and artists.

Our favourite was the time she kicked Madonna off the stage! Now that’s a claim to fame.

Rupert Lloyd Parry

Key Grip on films including ‘About Time’ and ‘Trainspotting 2’, Rupert’s presentation showed the behind-the-scenes jobs of the Grip during a filming project.

He showed pictures of some of the clever – and scarily precarious – ways he’s had to safely attach cameras to cars, trains and other vehicles to get the perfect shot.

Confetti Game Jam

After the success of last year’s event, the Confetti Game Jam was held once again today, set up by postgraduate students. All proceeds raised at this event will be donated to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Attenborough Nature Reserve Lifeline Appeal.

Well done to all involved!

We also enjoyed other talks from actor Samuel Barnett, designers Joe Le Huquet, producer Rob Milton, Head of UK Sync Services at Sentric Patrick Cloherty, DHP’s Sophie Power, illustrator Emily Catherine and artist manager Sammi Wild.

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