Confetti Degree Showcase – What’s On

Wednesday June 8, 2016

Confetti Degree Showcase Music

Our Degree Showcase is open to industry, family, friends and the general public. Come along to the HE Centre on Wednesday 15 June between 3 – 7pm for an exclusive opportunity to experience the work of some of the most talented creative graduates in the UK. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.

From games designers and TV & filmmakers, to music producers and sound engineers – see what the next generation of creative professionals have in store. Here’s our programme for  the Degree Showcase.



3:10pm My Brother’s Password – written and directed by Jack Booth

A family phone call interrupts an important job interview triggering a race against time.

3:30pm The Adventures of Lordhagen – written and directed by Ryan Harvey

Swords, Sandals and Silliness.

3:50pm One Bite at a Time – written and directed by Sarah Doyle

How do you eat an elephant?

4:10pm Whistleblower – written and directed by Sam Atkin

Tarantino eat your heart out in this tense thriller. Not for the squeamish!

4:30pm Westmoore – written and directed by Rowena Brett

Teen tantrums tamed by tragedy.

4:50pm Contusion – written and directed by Katie Syson

A look into the darker side of family life when a young couple move back in with her mother.

5:10pm Area One – written and directed by Fran Cannon

If you go down to the woods today…

5:30pm Aura – written and directed by Nicolle King

A car crash leads to an unexpected spiritual journey.

5:50pm Borderlines – written and directed by Kimberley Sherratt

Can an average guy really be a superhero?

6:10pm Once Upon a Time in Winchester – written and directed by Oliver Blair

21st gunslingers in a tale of revenge.

Please note: These student films have not been given a BBFC classification and therefore may contain content of an offensive or distressing nature which may not suitable for all viewers.

If you have any concerns, please ask the session supervisor who will advise further.


Gaming Lounge – HE Centre (Ground)

Take a seat on the couch, put on the headphones, grab a controller and enjoy some of our games students’ original video games! Around the room, you’ll also find various portfolios and design documents to read.

HB02 – HE Centre 
(Lower ground)

Pick-up and play some of 
our students’ exciting games including a fantastic, frustratingly-fun platformer game from one of our Alumni students; a prize-winning game made by our current
 2nd Year Games Technology students, Alice and the Wonderland.

H002- HE Centre (Ground)

Hackers, gunslingers, orcs, monsters in the woods 
and heroes faster than a speeding bullet – just some
of the weird and wonderful characters gracing the screen in a selection of outstanding short films produced by our graduating FdSc Film Production Technology students.

H003 – HE Centre (Ground)

Breathtaking visual effects, short films, documentaries, dramas and client led productions are just some of the innovative, creative and inspiring pieces produced over the last two years by our graduating FdSc Television and Film Production Technology students.

H004 – HE Centre (Ground)

Our talented FdSc Music Technology and FdSc Audio & Recording Technology students showcase their music productions, remixes, original compositions and software applications created using MAX/MSP.

HB04 – HE Centre
 (Lower ground)

On display you’ll find work created by final year Audio & Recording Technology students.

You’ll have the opportunity to view mastering portfolios, speak to students about their work and carry out comparative listening.

Electric Mayhem – Main Building

FdSc Music Technology students will be working in our flagship recording facility, showcasing their creative work.

Visitors to the studio will be able to view and listen to students’ portfolio work and vote for the winner in this year’s award for Best Music Production.

Find out more about studying one of our Degree Courses by visiting one of our Open Days.