Confetti college graduates ‘celebrate’ with a showcase of their work

Friday July 15, 2022

On Thursday 7 July, we welcomed students, their families, and friends onto campus for our annual Celebrate Showcase. The end-of-year event showcased projects and performances created by our incredibly talented college-level students.

Celebrate is an opportunity for students to showcase their best work from the academic year to their friends, family and peers. The event takes place annually and is hosted across several spaces on the Confetti campus.

The showcase features work from the entire range of courses we offer here at Confetti, including Music Performance, Games Art, Live and Technical Events, Film Production, and many more.

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the day.

On the first floor of our Confetti HQ building, Level 3 Graphics & Digital Design took over the space with eye catching exhibition boards, each with a unique influence.

In the courtyard, our Level 3 Music Performance and Level 3 Live & Technical Events students teamed up to put on a day of live music for visitors and fellow students. Mellow acoustic sets paired with impressive, improvised guitar performances made for a very enjoyable day of music with plenty of variety on offer.

In other parts of Confetti HQ, our Level 3 Games Art students hosted an impressive art exhibition with a wide variety of styles and approaches on display. Just down the hall, Level 3 Games Technology students were busy showcasing their collection of fully functioning, fun to play games – All of which were independently designed and programmed throughout the academic year.

Level 3 Film and TV Production presented a diverse range of short movies. Different approaches and influences were clear, and all the movies were well made and carefully thought out.

Our Level 3 VFX and Animation BTEC students displayed ability beyond their experience and years. A complicated and vitally important aspect of filmmaking, all these students have a very bright future ahead of them.

Students and parents were treated to a magical performance by the Confetti Choir, with mesmerising renditions of ‘Hit Me Baby (One More Time) – Britney Spears’ and ‘Never Enough – Loren Aldred”. Powerful voices combined in layered harmony, capping off the day perfectly.


If you are looking to study a creative course at college, book onto our Open Day for college level courses, taking place on 8 October 2022.