NUEL esports opportunities: My trip to Alicante!

Tuesday August 16, 2022

Thanks to our friends at NUEL and their international partner, GGTech Entertainment, several of our degree students got the opportunity to support a live esports broadcast abroad. We’ve enlisted 1st Year BSc (Hons) Esports Production student, Rebecca Green, part of the team sent down, to tell you all about it.

NUEL UK & Ireland finals

For the finals of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Masters European Series, I was lucky enough to be invited out to Alicante, Spain by Confetti as a content creator to document the experience of myself and my classmates, Alex Calladine and Luca Saggiorato, working on this event.

After being a photographer for some recent Confetti events, most notably the Halo Clash Collegiate Series and the 2022 Rainbow Six Memevitational, it was an amazing opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I picked up there to a completely different studio in another country. I was also able to try out videography, another vital part of content creation which I hadn’t had much experience in previously.

On the first day, we got the chance to tour the production studio and meet the GGTech and NUEL crew who we’d be working with for the next three days, followed by helping the team finish setting up for the weekend. The studio was made up of multiple offices, a break room, a practice room, a media suite, a production gallery, and two performance rooms. One of the performance rooms was used for the stage and the other was used for the shoutcaster desk. It was very helpful to see the range of equipment used by another production company, as it gave us an insight into how productions can be run differently depending on the different tech used.

The next two days involved Alex and Luca working on the live show from the production gallery, with Alex vision mixing, which involves choosing which cameras, graphics and videos are going to be played out live, and Luca controlling the audio desk. Both Alex and Luca were required to use new and different tech to run the broadcast, broadening their knowledge of general broadcasting technology.

The trip wasn’t all work and no play, as we got the chance to do a little exploring and we were even invited out for a meal after the final production day, with everyone present including all of the players that took part. This was a wonderful experience and it was great getting to know people from across Europe and learning about each other’s cultures, which to me was one of the most important parts of the trip.

Check out the short vlog I filmed to find out more about our experience in Alicante!

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