Top 5 Bands in Nottingham You Need to Listen to

Tuesday April 3, 2018

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Nottingham has a thriving music scene, especially when it comes to up-and-coming bands looking to make their mark. Here are a few you should be listening to right now. Hopefully, this list of the five best local bands will give you insight into the Nottingham music scene as a whole.

Slumb Party

These are a 5-piece band who creates energetic and noisy post-punk music with a mix of saxophones and guitars. Using 80’s pop sensibilities from the likes of Roxy Music, they complement this with the DIY aspects of punk bands from across the years. This creates both an exuberant and fun sound that comes across in their recordings and performances.

Grey Hairs

A 4-piece band, taking inspiration from alternative rock and American punk, create a mesh of heavy riffs, great lyricism and have brought out a consistent stream of great songs and albums. Having been under Nottingham label, Gringo, since their first EP F.D.S.T released in 2013, they’ve released their latest album Serious Business in January of 2017 and we can only hope for more great stuff in the future!

Do Nothing

From the Radiohead style of their original music when they were called Field Studies, Do Nothing have now entirely changed in both image and sound and are now closer to bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and Danish punk/hardcore band Iceage.

Even when dressed in all black, they have great stage presence and it’s interesting to see such a drastic change in style from such a young band. We can’t wait to hear more after their promising first single that can be streamed below.

Do Nothing – Waitress (Spotify)

Crosa Rosa

Crosa Rosa are a psychedelic rock 3-piece band. With effects laden guitars, they’re able to create a loud and aggressive tone while keeping their songs danceable and appealing to a wider audience – something many bands fail to do. With their latest release Sweety racking up over 150,000 views on YouTube since August 2017, they’re easily becoming one of the best bands to watch from Nottingham.

As well as great music they also put on captivating live performances filled with both energy and exuberance that lives up to their music. They should definitely be a top priority for both your playlist and to see live!

Autumn Diet Plans

With such a stacked list of talented bands, it’s tough to pick a fifth, but I’ve gone for space rock/grunge 4-piece, Autumn Diet Plans. Using heavy guitars and atmospheric undertones, the band creates a sound like no other in the Nottingham scene right now. With such a unique sound it’s hard to compare them to simply one artist, so it’s best to imagine them as an amalgamation of Tangerine Dream and Nirvana.

Unlike many of their videos, sadly they don’t wear spacesuits on stage, but they do have great stage presence and an amazing sound that could fill any space from Rough Trade to Rock City!

Written by FdSc Audio and Music Technology student Harvey Glasby

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