Film, TV & VFX students work with film, SFX & stunt teams on ‘Book Of Shadows’

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Earlier this year our Level 3 Film & TV and FdSc Visual Effects students worked with director, actor and stuntman, Adam Collins, on his short film ‘Book Of Shadows’. They had an incredible experience working alongside the film’s crew, special effects team, and a stunt team who’ve previously worked on Justice League and Star Wars Last Jedi!

Over the course of four days, 30 talented Confetti students worked on Book Of Shadows – a 12-minute film about two armies colliding in a fight against good and evil, where a young girl is held hostage fearfully awaiting her fate as she prepares to be burned alive at the stake!

This short film features medieval battle sequences, fire stunts, wire stunts and even horse stunts! Our students gained valuable experience working in the industry and will have learned so much from assisting the film’s crew throughout the week. The films stunt team have previously worked on pictures such as Justice League, Star Wars Last Jedi, Transformers: The Last Knight, Mission Impossible Fallout and many more.

Our students assisted the films special effects team and helped with green screen elements and general production assisting. Shock FX, the special effects team working on the production have previously worked on ‘Battle of the Bastards’ – the ninth and penultimate episode of the six season of Game of Thrones.

“I would like to personally thank each and every Confetti student for their involvement in our productions. They have continued to demonstrate their efficiency, drive and professionalism on set whilst maintaining such positive, friendly and proactive attitudes throughout. They have all been a valuable asset and a pleasure to work with. I wish them all the best for their futures as I feel they will go a long way in this industry.” Adam Collins

Adam Collins has also co-directed ‘Outlawed’ with Film & TV tutor Luke Radford – an action-packed story of corruption and murder.

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