Hangzhou Normal University came to visit our campus

Monday April 2, 2018

notts tv studio
HNU in the Notts TV studio

On Thursday 26 April, we welcomed representatives from Hangzhou Normal University (HNU) to show them how we combine our education programmes with our creative industry links.

The city of Hangzhou and its province, Zhejiang, is a hub for creative technologies in China and HNU are currently looking to further develop in this area. In November, they met to discuss the creation of joint programmes and joint institutions with our partners Nottingham Trent University.

When viewing Confetti, Xu Jinfang, Director of Office of Public Affairs Management, and Ruan Xiaobo, Vice Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, were very interested in the way we work tightly with private companies like our partners Notts TV and Denizen to support our courses and provide students with professional practice opportunities.

Throughout their visit here they were shown around our post-production company, Spool, the departing Electric Mayhem studio and the Notts TV studio. They were also provided a sneak peek of the Digital Media Hub site and state-of-the-art facilities in our new home for music and live events.

hnu outside

After viewing what Confetti has to offer, HNU left very pleased with what they saw and have since expressed a desire to establish a joint programme in design or engineering, research platforms in the creative industries and staff exchange programmes.