Clearing 2020 | A-Level Results Day – DOs and DONTs

Wednesday August 5, 2020

DO check UCAS

Universities receive details of your grades directly from exam boards, so they’ll have made a decision by the time you receive your results. You’ll need to go to the track section of your application – if your chosen university has accepted you, then relax you’re in! If not, don’t worry – you can still get a place at university – check out our step by step guide.

DO prepare

Be well prepared, if you’re trying to get a course through Clearing there’s a few things you’ll need. Have your UCAS or Clearing number to hand. We’ll need this to identify your application. Have some questions ready too, you’ll be able to ask our tutors questions about the course. We want you to be well informed so ask whatever you need.

DO research

Although Clearing may feel like a massive rush, it’s a chance to still get on a great course. You’ll be studying for a few years so you need to make sure you choose something you’ll enjoy. Get online and start researching universities, look at modules and entry requirements and make notes. Check out our courses here.

DON’T be rude

There will be a lot of people in your position trying to get through to universities. Don’t give up – keep calling and remain polite once you do get through. Did you know you can send us an email at if you can’t get through to our phone lines and we’ll make sure someone gets back to you?

DON’T panic

There’s really nothing to worry about – many students secure a place through Clearing and enjoy their time at university. If you stay positive and do some research you’ll give yourself the best chance at getting a place through Clearing.

DON’T rush

It’s still a big decision, so it’s not something you should rush. Take your time and find out if the course is right for you – don’t just apply for any old thing! Remember we’re here to help, you can find all our course info on our website or get in touch and speak to our tutors & careers advisor.

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