IW21 Launch Day Highlights

Monday March 8, 2021

We kickstarted the first day of IW with some incredible and inspiring guests, read on to see the highlights!

Do It For Real – Media

This session welcomed back former Confetti students – now working successfully as freelancers in the TV & Film Industry. It was an honest and insightful discussion expertly chaired by Confetti’s Head of Talent Development Alison Whitlock. TV Researcher Courtney, Cinematographer Rowan and Filmmaker Will discussed their career paths, the skills they have honed along the way, the importance of networking and how to handle rejection. Rowan Stothard “I wouldn’t be where I am now without Confetti”

DIFR C.Nettleford


Confetti’s Games Tutor Gin Rai chaired a session with three employees from one of the largest video Game Publishers in the world – Ubisoft Blue Byte. Giving out students some top tips to being successful in the gaming industry they said to do your research, take advantage of IW events & online talks, read books, learn languages and keep networking as the more people who know you the more chances you will get.

Games - Ubisoft

We’re proud to be supporting International Women’s Day by hosting a number of talks today, celebrating the work of women in the creative industries. From music icons to video game hosts, our students have heard from the very best women in the industry.  

We’ve taken a look into Multi-Platinum earning record producer, engineer, mixer and audio tech – Susan Rogers who shared her insight with our students, as well as dipping into her more recent work in academia to look at the function of music.

Interviewed by Mandy Parnell

Not only did she interview Susan today, but Mandy too had an event for IW21 where she told our students about her background of having over twenty years of experience as one of the most in-demand mastering engineers on the planet, working with artists such as Jamie XX, Björk and Aphex Twin from her own facility.

Speaking in-depth about her own preferences in mastering and why she prefers gear rather than digital AI, she explained – “It’s all about emotion and connecting with the tracks. Each genre requires a different style of engineering, so it’s very important to adapt.”

Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers

Starting off her session with a presentation, Susan gave an insight into her impressive industry experience. She worked with the legendary Prince in the 80s, on albums such as Sign O’ the Times and with production and engineering credits with David Byrne, Barenaked Ladies, The Jacksons, Geggy Tah and Jeff Black.

She jumped straight in with the most important concepts of becoming successful and getting people to pay for your musical self, – knowing yourself, integrating with other creatives and knowing your audience. Sharing that students should ensure that what they want from a career and who they are as a person should overlap.

Digging into her career history, Susan spoke about her working relationship with “hyper creative” Prince and what a typical day looked like for her, being there to capture his ideas from his mind onto a record, and ultimately why that relationship had to end.

Our students even got an insight of what Susan likes to do in her spare time – watching the ultimate robot-fighting series BattleBots!

Our year three BA Music Performance student William gave his feedback on the event “Wow, that session was incredible, thank you so much for getting Susan to speak to us. What an incredible human she is and full of amazing motivation!”.

So with our students branding the session as “incredibly informative” – we know just like her career; this event was a winning success.

Marta Salgoni

Marta Salogni

As part of Metronome Sessions, world-class producer, engineer and mixer, Marta Salogni rounded off the first day of Industry Week. She gave compelling and useful critiques on some of the mixes that had been sent in by attendees, which included a wide range of genres and music styles. She brought the expertise she’s gained from years in the music industry, having worked with the likes of Bjork, Bon Iver and more while talking about her own processes and answering questions from viewers.

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