Industry Week 17 – Ellie’s Highlights

Tuesday March 21, 2017

industry week 2017

With five days full of acting workshops, lectures and networking events, it’s safe to say that Industry Week 2017 has been a busy one for Acting & Film Production student Ellie Kemp. Let’s hear about her experiences and highlights of the week…

Industry Week started early!

Juggling my duties as a college student while attending Industry Week lectures and reporting on all the action has been pretty hectic, but definitely worth it!

A definite highlight was getting to hear from, and perform for Emmerdale actresses Roxy Shahidi and Sammy Winward, when Industry Week started early for us acting students on Friday 3 March. To hear just how passionate both Roxy and Sammy are about acting, and to learn all about their different paths into acting careers was fascinating, and showed us that there is more than just one direct route into any job role.

Industry Week 2017 Actors Workshop Roxy Sammy Emmerdale

Networking at Nusic’s Academy Workshop

In the middle of the week I took the chance to network with, and hear from some of the biggest names in the radio and music industry at the Nusic Academy. Based at Nottingham Trent Student’s Union, an amazing night was filled with insightful tips, tricks, some talented musicians, and I came away with a lot of connections.

The event gave me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone by talking about my writing and radio work – especially with people who are so successful within the industry!

Industry Week Nusic Workshop

In the audience for Jobs For The Girls?

Jobs For The Girls IW17

Finally, another great Industry Week moment was my last session on Friday – being part of the studio audience at the Notts TV Jobs for the Girls debate. As we’ve been working on multicam productions as one of our modules this term, it was really interesting to sit back and watch the action unfold while being part of a large filmed event.

It was great to hear from the panel guests which included Nottingham musician Harleighblu, and star of screen and stage, Vicky McClure. The debate itself was a discussion as to why we aren’t seeing as many women in the creative industries, what that’s down to, and what can be done to change that. It was uplifting to hear both Harleighblu and Vicky talk so unapologetically about being themselves, and not changing for anyone, both personally, and throughout their time in the creative industries. They’re amazing role models for young girls and women alike – both are successful, hard-working, and have stayed true to themselves.

Jobs For The Girls Vicky Mcclure

Always persevere

The key message I took away from this week – which seemed to be a recurring theme in many of the Industry Week talks – was that perseverance is key. Whether you’re; an actor wanting to find an agent, a musician looking to get your song played on the radio, or even if you’re looking for entry-level jobs into the industry – you need to persevere, no matter how many knock-backs or rejections you receive!

Overall, it’s been a busy and inspiring week – the industry connections made, the opportunities we’ve had and the experience we’ve gained have definitely made it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

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