An interview with Confetti Live performer Luke Hallam

Thursday March 16, 2017

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Confetti Live 22nd February - Black Cats & Magpies - Credit: Tom McIvor

Earlier in the week we spoke to FdA Music Performance student & Confetti Live performer Luke Hallam about all things music! The next Confetti Live is on Tuesday 21 March so make sure you check out the event.

Why did you choose Confetti to study?

I chose to study at Confetti because I wanted to pursue my passion for music at the same time as perfecting my craft to become a professional musician. Also, it just felt like the right place to be at as a student!

How did you get into music?

My love for music began at a very young age – my first contact with music came from my father who was extremely into punk, but he also listened to reggae a lot, especially dub reggae. I loved the bass and rhythm section and would try to imitate the percussionists by banging on things – I built cardboard drum kits until I finally got my first electronic drum kit at the age of 10 and from then on I’ve lived on the kit! I think my passion has grown throughout the years. In the three years alone that I have been at Confetti, I’ve been lucky enough to play at some amazing places such as Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Y-NOT festival which has further fueled my love for music.

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Credit: Tom McIvor

How has the FdA Music Performance course improved you as a musician?

So far, the FdA Music Performance course has improved my overall musicianship vastly as well as my playing ability. My tutors have been extremely supportive and have helped me progress as a professional musician. They’ve assisted me in painting a clear career path which has opened up many opportunities for me to perform and develop.

How did your band Black Cats & Magpies form?

Black Cats & Magpies formed in the Summer of 2014, however I didn’t join the band until early 2016. I met the guys at a gig where they explained to me that their current drummer had other commitments and that there was a position open for a new drummer. I went along to a rehearsal and we all bonded straight away. The sound that the guys had was magical, they must have had 100 guitar pedals between them all! The sound took me off of my feet and I fell in love with the music we were making and it has evolved into what we are today.

Confetti Live - Black Cats & Magpies
Credit: Tom McIvor

How was performing at Confetti Live?

Confetti Live was a great event to be part of and I think that the students really handled our energy really well and loved our complex & layered sound. I received amazing feedback from the crowd and I think our sound was delivered beautifully to the audience so huge thanks to the Live & Technical Events students.

Why should people attend the next Confetti Live?

Because it’s an amazing event, it gives students the chance to play at one of Nottingham’s major venues, and this gives the students a chance to support some well known local headliners. Not to mention, the music is great and the atmosphere is great too.

Confetti Live 21 March

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Firstly, if you’re a musician in Nottingham then definitely check out what Confetti has to offer because they have a lot of opportunities to develop, as well as their support for what you want to do.

Secondly, keep playing. As cliché as it sounds there’s an enormous amount of competition in the world of music even down to your local scene. There are lots of musicians playing all types of instruments who’re all competing for the limelight. Make sure that you are the best you can be on your instrument.

Finally, maintain a level head as music can fluctuate a lot in terms of the amount of gigs you play, to the amount of records you sell or in terms of session musicians.

What advice do you have for people that are considering a place at Confetti?

I would recommend reading the prospectus for the course you’re interested in – make sure you understand what the course entails and what opportunities are offered. There are huge differences in the courses as some are slightly more academic where others focus more on your playing ability. I would recommend Confetti as a place to study as I’ve found the level of equipment and the standard of tutoring is very high. It’s a great place to study and they have some amazing industry connections as well as an in house record label.

The next Confetti Live event is Tuesday 21 March, headlined by Little Bribes and supported by Holly Taylor-Gamble & Beth Jowett.