We Need Your Help! #IW18

Monday January 29, 2018

Industry Week, our most exciting event of the year, is coming up and will be taking place from 5-9 March! Although Industry Week is there for students to enjoy, we also want to provide you with the opportunity to gain some experience in working at the event too!

What can you expect?

We got in touch with a few students that helped us at last year’s Industry Week and here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“IW2017 was the first time I experienced the event as both a student and as an ambassador, so for me I managed to get the best of both worlds. Majority of the time I was tasked with liaising with the guests to welcome them to Nottingham and to bring them to Confetti, which was a lot of running around, but it was great to have time to speak to them and gain some valuable feedback for myself. As for what I gained during the week, I would say that it’s to be the best version of you wherever you go, as you never know who you might bump into!” – Adam Bailey, FdA Games Technology

“Most of the time was spent in a room where all the guests stayed before or after their lectures which in itself was really amazing, but being part of Industry Week allowed me to go to all the lectures I wanted to go to as well as talk to the guests for an extended period of time afterwards. Where someone attending normally would get maybe five minutes talking to them I ended up talking to one guest for almost an hour after the lecture which was really useful and insightful to the industry I want to go into” – Reece Williams, FdA Games Technology

Who do we need?

We’re looking for reliable college and degree students to help us by being:

Event Stewards – to manage the exit and entry of event attendees

Guest Liaisons – to meet and greet special guests

Student Bloggers – to cover Industry Week highlights throughout the week

Wire Writers – for the Spring/Summer Issue

Check out some of students in action last year:

How do you get in involved?

If you’re interested and think you could help, contact marketing@confettimediagroup.com.