Industry Week 2019 – Day 2

Tuesday March 5, 2019

Onto day 2, and we’ve enjoyed some more brilliant talks, demos and presentations – and even a games expo – throughout the day. Have a look at just a few of the events we’ve enjoyed watching and what the highlights have been so far…

Tim Exile, producer and performer of electronic music, joined us to kick off day 2 of Industry Week. His amazing demo was not only impressive for everyone watching in the audience, but interactive as he invited a student up on stage to have a go on his mixing desk themselves under his guidance. What an experience!

Wellington Films’ fantastic team, made up of Al Clark, Anna Griffin and Chris Wyatt did a great talk about the making of their film Calibre, and even showed us some deleted scenes.

Paul Warren joined us today to talk about his achievements as a sci-fi and fantasy actor. He wasn’t in costume today, but he spoke about how he’d played the part of an alien in Star Wars and even Daniel Radcliffe’s body double in Harry Potter. For our budding film actors and fantasy fans, his talk was a real treat.

Andy Roberts – a successful sound engineer – paid us a visit on day 2 of our week. With a brilliant talk on how to be effective, desirable – and hire-able – in the industry, he gave students some of the top tips that have helped him achieve success as a sound engineer.

Unequalled Media are at the top of their game in the fields of Esports broadcasting and online event management. They gave students a demo of how they’d set up a live stream in a professional Esports environment with the game, commentators, a live feed and audio. A very cool event!

We also enjoyed other talks from creative designer Sophie Power, 3d character artist Shayleen Hulbert, musician Machine Woman, designer Natalie Owen, games designer Chris Bateman, theatre producer Jude Christian, agent and promoter Carin Abdula, designer Alex Traska, streamer Taylor Markstrom, community manager Neil Gorton, a creative industries ‘expo’ and a DJ panel. It’s safe to say that today’s been a real success!

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