Industry Week 2019 – Day 1

Monday March 4, 2019

Industry Week 2019 is upon us, and we’ve kicked off with some great  talks and presentations on day 1. Have a look at just a few of the events we’ve enjoyed today and what the highlights have been so far…

Cel Spellman kicked off the day with an inspiring talk on his work both as an actor and presenter. He had some great advice for students, encouraging them to “always have an answer to everything” and how important it is to not take rejection personally in the industry. His anecdotes from his career provided the audience with a good laugh, telling us of his initial apprehension about using the BBC Radio 1 broadcasting desk. His Q&A was received really well by students, with some honest and genuinely helpful answers. Thank you, Cel!

Joe Tyas – Environmental Artist at Splash Damage – was met by a full house, and it’s no surprise why. An ex-student himself, Joe spoke of how the experience he gained in games development from Confetti has helped him shape his career as an environmental artist on games such as Gears of War and Beyond Human. An inspiration for games students looking to follow his footsteps, no doubt.

Julian Foddy joined us today to talk about his experiences working on the VFX for some huge productions including Solo – A Star Wars Story, Ready Player One, The Dark Knight and countless more. Such a huge industry name was – as expected – full of great advice for students, and even brought some of his inspirational work with him, which he showed the audience and chatted about.

Jennifer Wynne, Production Manager on a number of productions including Bohemian Rhapsody, The Snowman and Pride came to talk about her experience within the film industry. With some serious accolades to her name, she talked to students about how to plan everything for productions – from business, to employment and finance – and how to succeed in this fast-paced, often hectic industry. Her advice highlights the importance of attitude in everything you do – “Be reliable, always on time, perky and positive, and you will get work every time and build a name for yourself in the industry”. This sounds like some solid advice to us!

We also enjoyed other talks from producers Adrian Reynolds, Jess Parry and Michael White, musician Yazmin Lacey, Affari Media of Nottingham, illustrator Sarah McConnell, games art director Rachele Doimi, DJ Rusty Egan and VFX supervisor James Mac.

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