Another week of inspiring talks and live performances

Thursday May 27, 2021

Music legend inspires students

It’s been another exciting week at Confetti with a great industry talk and more real-life experiences!

Grammy and Brit award-winning music producer Trevor Horn beamed in from London to treat our students to an inspiring two-hour talk about his career. Horn has worked with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Seal, and the Art of Noise to name just a few artists. Often referred to as “the man who invented the eighties”, his insightful session included his top five tips for making it as an artist.

The session – broadcast live from the studios in Metronome – is just one of many that Confetti students get to access throughout the academic year, and it follows our annual Confetti Industry Week. Taking place in March, we saw dozens of industry experts dial in from across the globe for masterclasses, interviews, workshops, and performances.

Students Do it for Real Experience

Confetti students once again put our Do it for Real ethos into practice in our live music and events venue, Metronome. Students from across a number of courses staged produced and recorded Music Performance students in action.

Confetti band All Over Again performed on stage, whilst our degree-level Television Production Technology students supported our Level 3 TV & Film students to ensure quality lighting, staging, and sound. Alongside this, a team of students produced a great recording of the evening.

You can catch up on a host of recent live music performance streams, created by students, by visiting our Confetti Youtube channel

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