#DoWhatIDo – Sam Paylor

Thursday July 17, 2014


Sam Paylor studied a HND in Music Technology and is now an Audio Visual Technician at Confetti.

As part of his course, he was able to access Confetti’s huge range of technology equipment and claims this is what has helped him get ahead: “Having the facilities at Confetti to be able to record bands as part of your coursework is great. The studio lessons were really well done. You’d learn the science and facts behind the practical techniques and then get to do them – so that was a really good way of learning!”

During his final year studying at Confetti, Sam got his big break in the music industry: “During my last year studying at Confetti, I was also working at Junktion 7 which is a local music venue. When I left Confetti, I continued to do that. I then became the head engineer there which meant working around four shows a week. From there I was working as an engineer for a couple of metal bands and working with ESS doing some larger shows. I worked on tours for The Feeling, Carter USM, EMF, Bring Me The Horizon and the Leeds/Reading Festival”

After a while of working on live shows, Sam came back to Confetti to work as an Audio Visual Technician and has now been working with Confetti Media Group for five years. “I now work as part of the technical team. We provide and service all parts of the Confetti Media Group and I’ve been involved in some major projects including Notts TV!”

Sam’s advice to get ahead in the music industry is to work as hard as possible and be friendly and approachable: “If you’re not prepared to do the work and put in the effort then someone else will be and they’ll be the ones getting your dream job!”

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