#DoWhatIDo- Victoria Van Garrett

Friday July 18, 2014


Victoria Van Garret studied Games Development at Confetti and is now working as a Development QA Game Tester.

“My favourite part of my course was game theory and concept generation. I love coming up with ideas, researching the market and seeing how I can adapt that idea based around what’s popular within the target audience and the technologies available” said Victoria.

Now based in Germany, Victoria works for Ubisoft Blue Byte who are the company behind The Settlers and Anno Online. “I’m working in Quality Assurance on a currently unannounced title. I love it here and it’s beyond my wildest dreams. I never expected to be able to work with such a prestigious and successful company this early on in my career. I’m surrounded by some of the most passionate and talented people I’ve ever met and it’s great to be in the company of people who are just as crazy about games I am”

During her time at Confetti, Victoria built her portfolio which helped her land her dream job. “Dreams might seem like fluffy miracles that float around and lucky people catch them, but it’s simply not true. I’ve learned that with the right support and direction, motivated and talented people can achieve their goals. Confetti supported me in ways I will be forever grateful for. Their ability to reward talented students is remarkable” said Victoria.

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