Denizen Records – The Hunt for New Young Professionals to Join the Team

Monday October 11, 2021

Denizen Records – a record label and artist management company – is on the hunt for young music professionals to join its team, with a number of roles currently available.

This is an amazing opportunity for Confetti students to Do it for Real and get involved within the music industry, gaining hands-on experience working within a professional environment.

The roles include:

A&R Assistant

An opportunity to shadow Spencer Wells: Music Industry Consultant/Denizen Records. You will learn how to develop an artist/band from the get-go covering a typical ‘Artist and Repertoire.

You’ll facilitate the choice and procurement of a named producer with the artist/band and Executive Producer, Tom Mapes. You’ll work closely with them on a range of important tasks; from logistics to record/mixing the Confetti single.

This role is very demanding and challenging and gives a total insight into how modern A&R works within both major and independent record labels.

Asset Coordinator/A&R/Album 2022

A chance to support Spencer Wells at Denizen Records and Executive Producer, Tom Mapes with the creation of the 2022 Confetti album. This will focus on artist liaison, creative marketing, and the overall collation of the assets required.

Dance Music A&R Scout

The Role of Dance Music A&R Scout Denizen/Confetti is to assist management in discovering new electronica artists and identify key strategies to make the artists commercially viable and promote their music to a wider audience. This is a very exciting yet challenging role.

Social Media Assistant

The chosen student will oversee and manage all social media analytics for Denizen Records, including the Facebook page, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc, and develop the Denizen website. This is an essential part of the music industry and enabling talent growth.

How to get involved

If you want to take a role, all you have to do is tell us why you’d be a great person to be part of Inter Music; why you love music; and which job role you can see yourself suited to.

To do this, you can either:
Submit a short one-minute video 0r write a 1,000-word statement on your suitability

Deadline: Friday 22 October
Submissions: email