Games students tour Warlord Games

Wednesday October 6, 2021

It’s been a great start to the new term for our Games students – our friends at Warlord Games kindly invited a selection of our college and degree students to their first Open Day event since 2019.

Our students got exclusive access to the Open Day before the general public , spending time in the design studio chatting to Warlord’s miniature designers, model makers, painters and games designers about their work and meeting Warlord Owner John Stallard.

Next up was a guided tour of the factory from Bernard Lewis, their head of HR.

Students got to see how metal miniatures are cast, how larger resin models are made, and learned the secrets of the special Warlord Resin process being used to create experimental new models.

“Warlord games was such a great place for inspiration as a 3D artist, I enjoyed learning new tips and tricks from the designers and modellers and getting an insight into the how their Design Studio functions.” Kyle, Level 3 Games Art

They also got to see the warehouse area and picking room, where some of our Confetti alumni are currently working.

After the tour students were able to participate in games and take advantage of the bargain deals on offer in the Warlord Store.