Cultural exchange through esports: Confetti students visited South Korea

Monday May 29, 2023

Confetti students were recently selected to represent the UK at a Global Esports Camp in South Korea. Intended to diversify participants knowledge in international esports and to promote cultural exchange, the Camp took place over 5 days and included a series of educational and recreational opportunities. About 40 people from 5 countries including Korea, Taiwan, Spain, England and China participated in the camp, including BSc (Hons) Esports Production students Alex Calladine, Luca Saggiorato, James Frost, Rose Joy, and Joe Bone. We caught up with the group to learn more about this unique educational experience.

KeSPA Global Esports Camp 

The Global Esports Camp has been held every year since 2019 to systematise the global esports talent training program and strengthen Korean esports expertise and global competitiveness. This year’s Global Esports Camp was held in Seoul, hosted by the Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Confetti students were chosen to represent the UK, thanks to the backing of our esports partners, the British Esports Federation, and Global eSports.

From Monday 22 to Friday 26 May, students experienced a major esports stadium, the League of Legends Park in Seoul and Hall of Fame, along with other Korean esports attractions like Rollpark. They also got to interact with the Gen.G professional players competing in the world’s biggest leagues for League of Legends and Tekken!

Luca Saggiorato, final year BSc (Hons) Esports Production student reacted:

“The travel was great, the flight food was actually some of the best airplane food I’d had so started the trip off well. Arriving in Korea was great and being taken to the Afreeca Coliseum to watch T1 vs GEN.G for VCT Pacific playoffs was an incredible experience.”

First year BSc (Hons) Esports Production student, Joe Bone added:

“After we arrived we went to Afreeca TV and watched a live viewing of VCT Pacific which was incredible and there were cosplayers and fan-greets in the lobby of the building which was awesome to see.”

As part of the KeSPA training program, students experienced domestic esports events such as Eternal Return, and toured major Korean game companies including Nimble Neuron.

Rose Joy, second year BSc (Hons) Esports Production student reacted:

“We played Eternal Return, a new game to me that I found really fun. The game’s developers, Nimble Neuron, were really generous and gave us all gifts! The facility that we played in is a purpose-built esports training and recreation space, payed for by the local government. Any member of the province is able to book the space for free. It’s great to see local initiatives investing in esports!”

Final year, BSc (Hons) Esports Production student James Frost, commented:

“Getting to experience a Korean made esports game and speaking directly to the developers gave us a really good insight into what the landscape for developing esports games is like. We also connected with the other members through physical sports in the evening, and all working together to compete and have fun was a really enriching experience!”

Students also enjoyed a tour of Korean cultural heritage sites, including Gyeongbokgung PalaceBlue House, and Gwanghwamun Square – check out the great video below of them enjoying the attractions:

Towards the end of the week, students also participated in an esports scientific training program at the Korea Institute of Sports Policy and Science. Students learnt about the application of sports science as it applies to competitive video gaming, including physical and psychological conditioning, meditation, data analysis, and the use of specialist equipment to condition reaction speed and eye tracking.

Most important of all, students came away with incredible insights into global industry-leading broadcasts and got the opportunity to apply their broadcast production skills during an exhibition tournament that took place with all global delegates involved in the boot camp.

Final year BSc (Hons) Esports Production student, Alex Calladine, took to Twitter to share his reaction after a whirlwind week at the KeSPA Global Esports Camp, he said:

The trip was coordinated by our Head of Esports and BSc (Hons) Esports Production Course Leader, Gin Rai. Gin travelled with the students to South Korea and took part in the Global Esports Camp himself, he summed up the rewarding experience:

“The trip to Korea was an absolute success and such a pleasure. We connected with so many different nations via the language of esports and gaming. KeSPA and Gen G were so incredibly welcoming. The camp has provided us with many connections to help nurture and enrich the esports education scene together. Namely with those that are paving the way for esports education in Korea.

“Our students did an incredible job representing Confetti and were even offered exclusive access to production spaces and talking to production staff based on their knowledge and skills in esports production. What a privilege.

“A big thanks to British Esports for selecting us as part of the GB delegation. And thanks to Confetti for seeing the value of this and supporting the trip for our growing esports provision.”

Thank you to Gin and students for the excellent job they did in representing Confetti and the UK in South Korea. Here’s to lots more exciting esports events coming to campus this summer, beginning with the British Esports Student Champs Finals on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June – find out more.

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