Confetti students gain work experience at Nottingham’s Dot To Dot Festival

Monday November 1, 2021

Through our longstanding partnership with DHP, our students regularly have the chance to get hands-on work experience at music festivals across Nottingham: from the smaller Beat the Streets, to the biggest outdoor event in Notts, Splendour.

This year, Dot To Dot Festival returned for its first edition post-pandemic and saw bands, such as Sports Team, Snapped Ankle and Girl Band perform across multiple venues in Nottingham. Our college and degree-level students had the chance to be involved with various stages of the festival running, from stage reps to artist liaison and ticketing.

When it came to selecting the students, our music teaching teams were asked for recommendations by DHP for the most hard working and reliable students with real work ethic. While some of them were already due to perform at the festival, all of the students selected jumped at the opportunity:

“Being a musician myself, working as part of the Artist Liaison team was an all-new experience for me but I really enjoyed working as a team with others to make sure everything ran smoothly, from delivering the rider to giving out the correct wristbands for artists.” Lucy Crisp

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