Confetti Students Visit Tileyard Studios

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Earlier in the summer the Music Tech student of the year winners Fransua Samuel, Ryan Prokaza and Ojas Pancholy were treated to a tour of Tileyard Studios in London to see how their creative business was run – from visiting the studio of Grammy award winner Mark Ronson to meeting with the co-founder of Tidal.

Tileyard Studios

What is Tileyard?

Tileyard provides space for all types of creatives – from offices to music studios, with over 150 businesses there’s more than 850 creative people; Liam Gallagher’s clothing company Pretty Green, Tinchy Stryder, Mark Ronson and many more all make up the Tileyard community, all working under one roof, constantly looking for new ways for fresh collaboration. When discussing how Tileyard worked with the creative businesses, student Ryan Prokaza said that it felt like a community because of how the artists and businesses collaborated. “Even something as simple as having lunch led to potential collaborations between businesses.”

The Music Studios

Ryan relished the chance to experience the different studios and if he thought that wasn’t enough, the artists were on hand to answer any questions they had. He enjoyed having the chance to check out the different studios, especially as the artists themselves explained the ins and outs of their space. Ryan was able to relate to the artists during their chats because although they’re now well established professionals in their custom studios, at one point “these people used to be us, just further along in their careers.”

Audio & Music Technology graduate Fransua Saumuel’s visit to Tileyard seemed to have had a lasting impression on his ambitions after visiting Mark Ronson’s studio. He was impressed when he saw the Gold and Platinum plaques on the wall, as well as learning that ‘Uptown Funk’ was created in that studio. “Seeing is believing and I believe that once you can see the goal you’re aiming for – then it is reachable.”

Mark Ronson Award

Meeting Ticketfairy & Tidal Co-Founders

Our students got to meet and speak to the co-founders of many successful start-ups, including The Ticketfairy and Tidal, where chatting to them showed our students that being smart isn’t the only platform for success. Fransua reckons that listening to someone’s success story should inspire anyone. “The confirmation that you don’t have to be a genius to make it, but also being a genius at hard work and having confidence can go a long way.”

Fransua saw the similarities Tileyard had with Confetti in regards to the opportunities it provides, that Tileyard doesn’t just offer a place to learn, but it also provides you with the chance to work on your career! Our students had nothing but good words for Tileyard and they have learnt a lot from the visit, having been shown what they can do if they push themselves hard enough.

Confetti Students at Tileyard

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