Confetti supports Stress Awareness month

Monday April 19, 2021

stress awareness month - April 2021

April marks the month to raise awareness for stress – read on for some easy tips to help manage and reduce your stress.

Get yourself a good night’s sleep

A good sleeping routine is really important for your health. Sleep is as important as eating healthily and exercising – both contribute towards good wellbeing with sleep even being one of nature’s healers.

Practise deep breathing

When we start to feel stress, it impacts on our breathing. There are easy ways to practice deep breathing. Firstly, inhale slowly through your nose and count to five. Hold the breath in your stomach for five to ten seconds. Now slowly count to eight as you exhale. Repeat this several times.

Stay hydrated

Water is most important nutrient for our bodies after oxygen. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, so when we haven’t drunk enough water, our energy levels are lower and as a result we feel more tired.

Eat for wellbeing

Food is also a vital part of our health and wellbeing. It’s important to assess your diet to notice whether it’s promoting overall wellbeing. Eat regular healthy meals, eat fresh where you can and make sure you’re getting your recommended portions of fruit and veg each day.

Get moving

Physical activity is great for health and wellbeing. Get out for a run, a swim or anything to get your body moving. This could simply be going for a walk around the block – any kind of exercise is really good for you.

Adopt a positive mindset

Research shows that with a change in certain aspects of your body, your thoughts and your feelings can be changed too. Taking a step back, a deep breath and analysing the situation can make a huge difference. If you are in a stressful situation, just take a moment to step back an evaluate what is happening. Think about the following – ‘is there anything I can change’, ‘can I speak with someone about it’, ‘what can I do differently’.

Master your time

Time management is a really important stress-management technique. If you fail to plan your time you will end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and you may well lack productivity. Good time management helps to reduce long-term stress by giving you direction when you have lots to do. Time management also allows you to be in control of what you are going to do and makes you much more efficient.

If you’re struggling with your health and wellbeing, we’re here to help – get in touch with our Student Services Team by calling 0115 952 2075 or emailing

As a Confetti student, you can also sign up for Togetherall, which is an online, 24/7 mental health support platform. You can sign up using your Confetti email address below.


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