Stories from the Music Industry

Tuesday February 12, 2013

‘Refresh Yourself!’

Day 2 of Industry Week! This morning, I was introduced to three diverse and very knowledgeable characters from the Music Industry.

As this was my first music event, I was really excited and anticipated for this session.
The guys began the session with introductions, where we got to find out a bit of background info on them. The session was lead by all three, with Spyda, a drum and bass MC, introducing the other two guests first.

DJ Phantasy has been in the industry for 23 years and has worked alongside a wide range of big industry names and labels. He expressed the importance of the main message – refreshing yourself, before introducing the final guest.

Harry Shotta is an MC rapper recording artist, with his influences deriving from the erratic hip-hop scene. He was fortunate enough to work with famous names, with the opportunity to experience a studio environment from a very young age. He then went on to achieve a Music Degree, along with the title of Best Lyrical MC and now tries to incorporate other genres of music with his grounded roots.

MC Spyda then spoke about himself, explaining the importance of technology and how it has helped him to gain success and how accessible communications are today.

All three of these inspiring artists spoke with truth and enthusiasm through each of their experience, whilst giving us all the chance to get involved and deliver our ideas and backgrounds.

They gave sound advice on the rapidly changing and developing industry and how to break-in, revealing the harsh and sometimes shocking realities but standing the ground on staying true to yourself and not to pitch-bend too far away from your unique sound.
With Harry Shotta having attained a degree in music, working hard at West Minister, he learnt a lot about the legal aspects of the music industry, which was very insightful, teaching him etiquette in the studio. Spyda then expressed the importance of this, giving us tips on how to approach managers, whilst we present knowledge and talent along the way.
Spyda also elaborated on how smoothly technology has made his life, claiming that his only necessity is his laptop, which he can use from home to work from.

There were a LOT of important, rhetorical statements in the speech, reminding us to keep up-to-date, believe in ourselves and most importantly – network!

Electric Mayhem was filled with just that, with laughter, reality and truth, as the guys revealed stories of their time in the music industry, as they spoke both amongst each other and to us about getting to where we want to go and what to watch out for along the way.
The guys then showed us videos and amazing tracks which they had worked on, proving that if you want to do something, you can and you can get extremely positive results.
For the rest of this workshop, the guys had set up the studio to provide the budding MC’s in the room to have a go at MCing with Shotta himself. I think I can speak for many students here when I say that this was the perfect opportunity to break down walls of fear and replace them with encouragement!

After the session, the guys hung around, giving us students the chance to network, ask questions, give music to and take pictures, which they welcomed with open arms.
A very inspiring session which I was pleased to be part of! And from some, well, watch this space!

Industry Week guest post by Confetti student
April Allwood