Michael Eavis – The man behind Glastonbury

Tuesday February 12, 2013

“P.S, This will not be a Wombles moment”

Day 4 and the event that I have been waiting for with much anticipation finally arrived! It was time to talk to the man behind unquestionably popular music festival, Glastonbury, Mr Michael Eavis!
The session started with a compendious clip of David Bowie at Glastonbury in the year 2000, before the main man himself braced the stage.

He started off by giving us all his recital of how Glastonbury started and what it was that influenced him to start the venture that has made him the very successful man he is today. The session was accompanied by video footage, taking us all back to the very first days, where the music festival started in the 70’s. Michael told us of his musical influences, stating he found comfort in Blues music, which he enjoyed with his late wife and is also into material from The Stone Roses, T-Rex and The Kinks.

Mr Eavis spoke of starting up Glastonbury, which was made to entertain and keep alive the love and peace of the 70’s, taking us through the financial and political struggles he faced along the way. We were all completely in awe of Michael as he told us such funny stories about Glastonbury, speaking about The Wall that was built, his day-job as a farmer and the risks involved in holding such a sought-after event.

Michael also expressed how the advancement of technology has evolved, making the shows in his event much more enjoyable through the use of lights, showing a clip from Arcadia in 2011.

This event has been my highlight so far and I hope to go to Glastonbury to experience this lifetime opportunity myself!

April Allwood