Splendour Festival 2022: our best year yet!

Monday July 25, 2022

Splendour is Nottingham’s premier outdoor music festival. Set in the picturesque Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, it plays host to more than 40 acts of varying genres across 5 stages. This year marks the ninth time we’ve supported Splendour, with over 150 students and staff working to pull off the festival’s best year yet!

We’ve been a key partner in Splendour Festival since 2012, complete with our very own “Confetti stage” and tons of opportunities to work behind the scenes on the event production, and front of stage performing to thousands of festival goers. Splendour receives incredible demand for tickets year on year, and in 2019 Splendour achieved its biggest audience yet with 25,000 tickets sold. After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Splendour came back bigger and better than ever, expanding the festival to two full days – that’s double the acts, double the crowd, and double the Do It For Real opportunities!


Over 150 of our students and staff worked backstage across the 2 days supporting the official Splendour crews, in roles ranging from camera operators, to sound recording, stage crews, artists liaisons, journalists, and much more. Class of 2022, BSc (Hons) Event Production graduate, Joe Haley helped set up the Courtyard Stage, he touched on the depth of work and dedication that went into pulling it all off:

“We started setting up at 12 midday the day before Splendour. We had just a complete empty stage ready to go, we brought all of our tech gear in from Confetti and Metronome, along with some equipment we’d hired in from Sound of Music. We set up all of the lighting, we rigged the PA, we set up all of the video walls, cabled everything up, and then tested everything. On the first day, we got the first bands in, sound checked everything and made sure we were all good to go and from then on it was just maintaining and managing any technical issues”.

Second year BSc (Hons) Event Production student, Sian Mole and FdSc Event Production student, Jordan Sterry worked as Production Managers/Artist Liaisons for the Courtyard stage, we caught with them to find out what their Splendour experience meant to them:

“Confetti has given us ample opportunity to apply our technical skills and we’ve also self-initiated a lot ourselves. As production managers at Splendour, it’s been our role to contact the bands and get their tech specs, including microphones, amps, cabling, and requesting content for screens. As Artist Liaisons, we’ve been the first port of call with artists, answering any questions they have, and working collaboratively with the engineers to ensure everything’s ready to go. We’re both interested in going into the stage management side of the industry and so this has been a really valuable work experience opportunity”.

Class of 2022 graduates, Reece Bourne and Rebecca Stephens reflected on their time at Confetti experience as they wrapped up their final work experience opportunity at Splendour:

I’ve really enjoyed working Splendour and it’s great to be able to take part now that I’ve graduated. Thanks to my course, I felt really confident camera operating on the Confetti stage and I feel ready to go and get a job in the industry. Sure, there are some things that I need to iron out, but Confetti’s given me the building blocks. My confidence from September 2019 to now has skyrocketed – I really used to struggle with social anxiety and found it difficult speaking to people. Back then, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be working Splendour and feeling as confident as I do now.” – BSc (Hons) Film Production Technology graduate, Reece Bourne

I signed up for Splendour as I just love getting involved in work experience – I have over 300 hours now thanks to Confetti – once you prove yourself and show that you are reliable, they’ll keep coming back to you.  Today I’ve been doing camera operation and audio for interviews and vox pops. I’m normally a vision mixer in terms of job role, but I chose camera and video just to try and level up in a couple of different areas. The course work and the work experience on the TV course complement each other really well – course work is often not live and requires a degree of post-production, whereas a lot of work experience stuff is live broadcasting, which I feel gives a good balance to the course. I’d definitely recommend Splendour to other students; it’s just one of those things where you can say ‘I did Splendour!’ and it looks great on your CV. Above all else, it’s lots of fun and a lovely reward just a few days after graduating from Confetti.” – BSc (Hons) TV Production Technology graduate, Rebecca Stephens

Check out some photos of our students doing it for real below…

Front of stage

One of the main headliners this year was Becky Hill, fresh off the back of her recent appearance at Industry Week, plus Confetti Ambassador, Vicky McClure, took to the stage for a performance with her Our Dementia Choir. The Notts TV gang were also back this year with their double decker bus, interviewing artists next to main stage for their annual Splendour special.

Every year, we feature a number of our own Confetti artists, comprised of current students and alumni. This year, we featured Drive Through Hazy, The Black White, Left Hand Lane, Jess Breame, The Crying Violets, and Marvin’s Revenge – visit our recent news story to learn more about these acts. Our artists were in good hands as well, as resident Kemet FM DJ, Jackie P whipped up lots of support for our acts as she emceed the Confetti stage.

Marvin’s Revenge earned their spot after reigning triumphant at this year’s Ultimate Battle of the Bands competition back in March. With a slot early doors on the Saturday in front of arguably their biggest audience yet, we caught up with Marvin’s Revenge drummer, Jobe, shortly before he and the lads took to the stage, here’s what they had to say:

How are you feeling in the build up to the performance?

“We’ve been back 3 or 4 times this week rehearsing and sweating through the heatwave; we’re glad the temperatures dropped down for today. What’s good is that the schedule’s kept us busy, from sound checks to photography, to interviews, and so it keeps your mind off the fact that you’re actually playing and keeps the nerves at bay.”

How has being a Confetti student helped prepare you for Splendour?

“As Confetti students, having access to a rehearsal space at Confetti is a great opportunity. It always makes things much easier for gigs and we don’t need to worry too much about the cost, as most of the time it’s free and it means we can go in and practice most evenings. That’s really helped with preparing us for Battle of the Bands and now Splendour.

“The thing I enjoyed most about the Music Performance course is being able to play with other musicians; the versatility of being able to jam with a great jazz guitarist or an awesome synth player, it gives you new perspectives on music and it really helps you to pick up new things up and take them back to your own band.

“Tom Mapes (Confetti Senior Lecturer and HE Course Leader) has been a real mentor to us, especially during COVID. He’s been great at keeping us motivated and encouraging us to keep pushing forwards.”

Check out some photos of Marvin’s Revenge and our other Confetti artists performing at Splendour…

Fun on social

Our marketing team captured all of the fun stuff going on onstage and behind the scenes – watch their highlights here.

All in all, this has been yet another successful year at Splendour for Confetti – and we want to say a big well done to all involved!

We are looking forward to next year’s event already, and are excited for the opportunities our students will be able to get involved in.

Want to be involved with Splendour next year? Check out our range of courses at both college and degree-level. Like what you see? Book your place on an upcoming Open Day.