Prince Harry: DJ and Broadcaster?

Thursday November 30, 2017

Prince Harry and his new finance Meghan Markle are heading to Nottingham today and it gives us the perfect occasion to look back at the time when he visited Confetti back in 2013 and got involved in some fantastic activities including DJing, broadcasting and gaming!

After being greeted by the crowds on Convent Street. Prince Harry was lead on a tour of the building, meeting students along the way.

His first pit stop was the TV studio where Gemma Rowe offered him a seat next to her in the newsroom where he read a short news story to the cameras. He also had his photograph taken which would then be used to create his own games avatar who he would encounter later in the tour.

Students studying music production then cheered him in as he was asked to join MC $pyda and DJ Fever on the “1’s and 2’s” where he scratched the decks to a song written for him.

Next stop on the tour was Confetti’s gaming suite. He was handed a controller and was given the chance to control his own avatar in a then newly created video game called “Royal Run”.

Confetti students, ambassadors and staff had worked hard to make sure the visit was a success. 

Confetti hopes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoy their visit to Nottingham.