OptiTrack Motion Capture Technology has been Installed in our Green Screen Studio

Thursday February 1, 2018

OptiTrack Motion Capture

We’re delighted to announce that the new OptiTrack Motion Capture Suite has been installed in our 37m² Green Screen studio at our Film and TV hub Space 2. The system will ensure our students get the best animation data for their future assignments.

What is it?

OptiTrack has become the motion capture technology of choice for production character animation. Eight Prime-13 cameras, Motive software and motion capture suits combine to deliver the best-performing platform in motion capture.

Our new suite

The suite features the newest iteration of the Motive:Body motion capture software with fantastic new features including powerful self-calibration; two motion capture suits with full 35 marker points of animation; and eight Prime-13 cameras to ensure the markers have the best coverage in our space.

OptiTrack Motion Capture Suit
OptiTrack Motion Capture
Prime camera setup in our green screen studio.
OptiTrack Motion Capture
Prime 13 camera in position.

Our BSc Games Production students will be working with our technical teams to ensure the system is fully calibrated, resulting in the best possible setup for capturing animation data for their projects.

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