Learn by doing: The Rolling Stones Producer Hosts Masterclass For Students At Confetti

Monday January 17, 2022

The legendary Chris Kimsey visited the Confetti campus, delivering a masterclass on recording and producing for our Audio and Music Technology degree students.

About Chris:

Chris is a renowned audio engineer and producer. He’s worked on over 300 albums throughout his career and with countless artists, including, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Paul McCartney and many more. Despite his deep ties with classic rock, Chris has also worked on a variety of other genres, including reggae and world music.

Chris Kimsey

Learn by doing

At Confetti, our ‘Do It For Real’ ethos means we’re always working to provide our students with real-world experiences and access to expertise from respectable professionals in their chosen industry. Chris’ masterclass is a shining example.

Hosted in our world-class Studio 1 (part of our Metronome building), students worked alongside Chris to record and produce a brand-new song from scratch, all the time accessing his knowledge and experience in the studio. Techniques such as microphone placement, audio editing, mixing and many more were all covered throughout the masterclass, providing our students with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best.

The experience doesn’t end with the session as students can now access the project file from the session to mix and submit to Chris to judge. The winning mix will receive an audio interface from Focusrite, who are one of the leading manufacturers of music recording equipment in the world.

Mixes can be submitted to john.meredith@confetti.ac.uk up until 28 February. Files must be submitted in WAV format using wetransfer.com.

Chris Kimsey said “Everyone I’ve worked with today has been so wanting to ask and learn and watch. They’re coming away with something really special, I know, and I’m learning from them as well, which is always good when students and teacher are learning from one another.”

The facility is really very, very impressive. I’ve been to a few but this really is impressive, and great musicians too, which really helps (with recording).”

John Meredith said “It’s so important our students get the chance to learn not only from our lecturers, but from industry. Chris is a complete legend who’s worked on some cornerstones of the music that’s shaped modern popular music. For students to have access to that depth of experience is something so special and something they’ll be able to apply in their own work”.

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