Industry Week 2020 kicks off with Portico Quartet’s Q&A

Thursday February 27, 2020

It’s official: Industry Week 2020 has arrived! And what better way to start this annual event than with a fantastic, insightful Q&A with instrumental group Portico Quartet.

Ahead of their live gig on the evening of 27 February, Portico Quartet held a great Q&A in Metronome, hosted by BBC’s Dean Jackson.

The band spoke about their impressive journey from busking on the Southbank in London, to getting their first agent and being signed.

Describing themselves as “widescreen instrumental music”, the band draw influences from jazz, hip hop and many other genres.

Dean Jackson not only spoke to the band, but involved the student-filled audience, asking them whether integrity and staying true to your preferred genre or going after the biggest-selling sounds was the best way to go as an artist. Much like Portico Quartet, the majority of students opted for the former.

We look forward to many more talks to come next week – and wish Portico Quartet the best of luck in their performance at Metronome!

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