Student opportunity to become part of a record label at Confetti

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Inter Music

National organisation Inter Music have teamed up with Confetti to offer a student opportunity to become part of a record label.

This unique opportunity has been shared throughout Confetti, and will allow a handful of students to act within the following roles in a newly formed record label right here at Confetti:


The Head of A&R will work closely with the General Manager and Product Manager overseeing all aspects from finding and pitching artists to the label, as well as production of the record itself.


Understand and work on the selling points of artists signed to the label to formulate engaging press releases with a ‘story’.

Digital Marketing

Plan and deliver the creative digital campaigns for artists from inception to delivery, including use of social media, influencers, websites and more.

Product Management

The Product Manager will work across every step of the release!

Finance Manager

Keeping releases on-budget and understanding and accounting for revenues earned and spent, as well as bookkeeping and preparing financial documents.

Production and Engineering (Audio)

Work on the production, recording, mix and mastering of label releases and creating a portfolio of work as an audio engineer.

Booking Agency 

Work with artists on the labels to create live performance opportunities, pitching for supports, festivals and strategising the live activity of artists. Now more than ever, you will also need to keep in mind virtual performances in lockdowns.

Day-to-Day Artist Management

Keep in daily communication with the artist, ensuring that any pre-planned coordinated activity is undertaken and playing a key role in the ongoing development of the act, as well as sourcing additional opportunities and working with all other roles across the label specific to the artist.

Photography and Videography

Create professional level video and photo content for use in conjunction with releases and any marketing activity.

Please note these positions are unpaid, however students will gain crucial experience in their chosen area working to produce a record with this newly created label, helping them when they look for that first job following their course or degree.

How to get involved

If you want to take a role, all you have to do is tell us why you’d be a great person to be part of Inter Music, why you love music and which job role you can see yourself suited to by Friday 13 November to  To do this, you can either:

  • Submit a short one-minute video
  • Write a 1,000-word statement on your suitability

About Inter Music

The program is founded by Colin Barlow (President Sony RCA / Signed artists including Lighthouse Family, James Morrison, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bring Me The Horizon and more) and Danny Wareing (Level 6 Educator at various universities and Booking Agent with Future Agency) with access to a wide network of industry mentors from their careers covering every aspect of  the music industry.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the music industry? Why not study a music course here at Confetti and get access to fantastic opportunities like these – check out the different courses on offer here to find out more.